Any city slickers here..

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Feb 19, 2011
Lol just messing peoples. I have noticed the most of the posters here seem to be in rural or small town like places. Anybody here in like new york city or miami or something?
new york city?

If y'all live there you better be a fast draw and cracker-jack shot!

Do you own any guns?
didnt think you were allowed guns in those big citys had to go out side the city to play with your toys
new york city?

If y'all live there you better be a fast draw and cracker-jack shot!

Do you own any guns?
I am from brooklyn but I live in west palm beach. (florida is pretty gun friendly) it just seems like everyone I talk to lives in like country type places. (that might sound wrong) also all the guns nuts I know are like country boys.
us urbanites love guns just as much, hell i wouldn't put up with my counties stupid rules for gun ranges if i didn't love shooting. i live in a county next to dc that prevents public ranges from operating all ranges have to be private member only events, which means you pay a yearly due just to be allowed to step on the range.
There is alot of hill country, and scrub brush around the Austin, San Antonio, Texas area so don't let pictures fool you. You can drive 10 minutes outside any of these two cities and seem like your in the hills, or in rattler country.
Born native of Washington D.C. here. Although for most of my life I've lived in Montgomery Country just north of D.C. Only time away was while serving in the army. As much as I sometimes curse The Peoples Republik Of Maryland, I'ver tried to live other places, just kept moving back because I missed the place. I've lived in San Antonio Texas, Trinidad Colorado, but it just didn't take.

Raised in southwest Missouri, but now living in suburban Houston. With a ranch in Llano, Texas. So I guess that means we're both.

Lived in Boston and Baltimore and San Antonio, Have been in the mountains of East Tennessee since 1970. I'll be planted here. I wouldn't want to be in a big city when SHTF.
Small town of around 500 give or take. I have 50 acres I hope to build a house on.
Middle of nowhere with no houses for over a quarter mile. I would hate living in a city, too many left wing ati-gun people.
Right here in Nashville, Tn. My gun club is just 1/4 hour from the house. We also have 20 acres in Lebanon...35 miles east of home. Most of my friends are shooters, too.

:)Grew up in a town of about 2500 now live close to a town of 563. Nearest neighbor 3/8 mile. Favorite shooting range 25 feet from my computer. Favorite deer stand 325 yards from my computer.
macadore said:
I live in the seventh largest city in the U.S. (San Antonio). Many people here live in the fourth largest (Houston).

Yep, all the big Texas cities have large shooting communities. It helps to live in a state with complete preemption of firearms laws so even if the local government is anti-gun their hands are tied by state law.
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