Anyone had any experience with American Tactical Imports?

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Aug 19, 2011
I know they are probably slammed (like everyone else), but the customer service seems below par. Appreciate your comments good/bad/otherwise.
I have no experience with them but they seem to be putting out some interesting (read as I WANT) pieces lately. Namely the Fatboy lightweight.
I have had good luck with them. I purchased a full sized 1911, and it ran like a champ. I then broke it (mostly my fault... but also could have been a component failure) so they gave me fast, free service by replacing my part with no questions asked and it has performed well again. This will be my fourth year using the gun as my main IDPA/Plinker.
I was looking to trade a new M&P 9c for a compact, a few weeks ago at a gun show. They get good reviews.
I have a GSG-5PK and a 1911 (both in .22) and haven't had any problems so far, so I can't comment on their customer service. Their products are, IMO, excellent. So I would recommend any of their products.
Their name sounds kinda retarded, but I guess you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Let us know how you make out.
I've seen a few up close and they appeared (externally) to be excellent 1911 clones but I have read two separate threads on another forum about breakages with the Titan. IIRC, it's a bull barrel reverse plug but the part is proprietary and one of the two posters had broken the original and a (free) replacement so he machined his own. No other plug available matched the dimensions of the ATI
Aside from a few random accessories, my AR lower is the ATI Omni. Haven't had any issues with it, so I haven't had to get customer service involved.
Anyone had any experience with American Tactical Imports?
I have 6, not counting a 22 GSG 5 rifle and pistol.
Four ATI C92. Copy of the Beretta.
Two MS380. Copy of the Beretta 84.

I also have several Beretta 92's and a Beretta 84, so I know the original and the copy.

ATI C92.

Beretta 92.

I bought the ATI C92 because it looked like a good gun.

The next day a lady friend shot the gun and liked it so well she bought two.
Her brother bought one.
My friend, who has been in guns since the 1950's, bought two.
Then I bought two more.
Later I bought a 4th.
When the gun store could still get them, the ATI C92 was their biggest seller.


I liked my first ATI MS380 so well I bought a second.
It is also a big seller but I don't think they are available any more.
If I find another one I'll probably buy it.

I have seen a couple ATI guns that could use a little more attention to the finish.
I have a few guns purchased via ATI (the distributer) and they have been very good quality products--so much so that I have not had to contact CS regarding issues. Actually I take that back, I did have to call once when the reassembly instructions in the manual didn't match my gun's specs (GSG 1911-22) and they quickly sent me an updated manual.

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I have a gsg-5sd that the ATF decided that the faux suppressor was no longer legal. I sent it back to them and had the new one in less that two weeks.
So not bad by me.

I had two of those and was never notified by them and only happened to read about it online. I had to cover shipping to them though they did return them quickly. So, room for improvement.

Now, one of the SD's was a jam-o-matic. Sent it in to ATI for service and they sent it back with a note "cleaned chamber, runs fine. Notify customer of proper cleaning procedures". It was was a brand new gun and had only been to the range one time and perhaps 200rds through it. It continued to jam using Federal bulk. Traded it at a gunshow on a PS90 and sold the other SD out of principle (as well as the PK version I had). So, NOT happy with them and avoid them altogether now. :mad:
Federal bulk is HV. Stovepiping and FTE was the issue.
I thought we were talking standard WallyWorld cheap Federal Bulk.

In any event, my experience with many of the semi variety of .22lr pistols and carbines is that they only run reliably on the Hot Aguila/CCI HV stuff. I usually shoot cheap SV stuff in all my guns and then the HV stuff when I am serious and either shooting competitively or verifying reliability. Of course in my revolvers it's moot.
I recently picked up an ATI HDA-16 AR, and I'm very impressed with initial impressions (I'm out of state for a bit, so haven't had a chance to shoot it yet) but it's a mil-spec gun, FN barrel, and it feels rock solid. When I was looking for an AR in the shop, I was leaning towards a Smith, or maybe a DPMS if it was cheap. I tried to force myself to like them, but I just couldn't- they felt cheap with the handguards, and the stock made a lot if noise. This ATI has none of that, it feels like a good solid rifle. I'll do a review on it once I get some range time with it.
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