AR-15 Magazines in Bulk?

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Mar 17, 2012
Hey pals. I'm closing in on buying an AR this week. I'd like to order 10+ magazines (20 or 30 rounders) to feed said. Any recommendations on a quality mag that can be bought in such quantity at a reasonable rate?

$127.90 for a ten pack ain't bad at all. Thanks for the link, rcmodel.
You can check palmetto state Armory. They have house branded D&H 30 Rd mags for 6 or 7 dollars each. I ordered a dozen several weeks ago, they work with 5.56, 300 B/O, and 458 socom.
I'll second the Palmetto State Armory mags. Haven't had any issues with mine so far. Of course, you can't go wrong with a bulk pack of Pmags...
Hey pals. I'm closing in on buying an AR this week. I'd like to order 10+ magazines (20 or 30 rounders) to feed said. Any recommendations on a quality mag that can be bought in such quantity at a reasonable rate? ...
I really like the Brownells mags ... especially the straight 20-rounders, probably because I am an Old Guy and they both look & feel right to me. ;)

I currently have 1 30rd 10pk and 2 20rd 10pks. Never had any issues with the Brownells AR-15 mags.
Right after the last panic, I figured a 10-pack from Brownell's was a great investment. Every one of those magazines is fully functional today. Good magazines. I also use 20 rounders extensively as when I shoot from a bench, a 30 round mag is too long.
I have seen them as low as $70 for 10, but $90 isn't a bad price. PSA has them go in and out of stock and the price will fluctuate sometimes. Just keep an eye out.

I boxed up 15 back for a rainy day. The others have worked well for me.

The 2nd Gen 30 round PMags are good as well, and some vendors have had them for $100 per 10.
I went with a 10 pack of the 30-rounders from Brownell's. :)
I too am a 20 round mag guy.

Monday I had decided to get some more mags while I could. Put them in my cart at Brownell's along with a couple other things on sale, 10 mags were $99. By the time I was ready to check out, they had taken the sale price off IMO trying to maximize profit because of the Orlando shooting. Crappy I thought, but that's business.

I bought 9 from Bravo Company for $105 shipped. BCG shipping is based on $ not weight or size so buying a 10th would have made it a $15 mag instead of 12. The BCG 20's are
Anyone else here have trouble resisting the urge to buy more mags (especially AR-15)? ... and I am not talking about kneejerk reactions to national firearms tragedies.

Just reading & participating in this thread had me, once again, on the verge of buying another 10 of the Brownells 20rounders ... although the last 10 that I bought (December) are still in their individual packaging sitting on a shelf. :uhoh:

The only way that I have found to reliably stop these impulses is to head to the basement and remind myself that I am awash in the magazines.

Ayup, I seem to have inherited the Hoarder Gene ... and the 10yr AWB made a big impression on my Psyche (as it did with many, I am sure).

Remember the hassle of trying to find "pre-bans" at a reasonable price?

Thank goodness my Hoarder Gene was, apparently, sated by the 100pk of LN HK G3 Alloy Magazines that I bought for $1ea/delivered a dozen, or so, years ago. :)
I will pick up Pmags at local gun shows when they are 10 for $100. I built three rifles recently so I need to pick up 30.

The Brownells aught to serve you well. Lots of great mags on the market, and they're certainly a good option.


I'm with you man. I've been buying mags off and on for the past several years. I'm good there, except for 20's. Guess I need a 10 pack of usgi 20 rounders!
FWIW, GunTest, the Consumer Reports of the gun industry--does not accept advertising, rates the Brownell magazines the most durable after torture testing them. PMAG and Troy Magazines also acquitted themselves well but not quite as good on durability.

The longrunnning thread dealing with a commercial extreme range operator (full auto etc. )in Las Vegas also had him rating the Brownells as the most durable mags the last time that I checked. He also gave props to PMAG's and MagPul's excellent warranty but doing mag drops on concrete on an indoor range got to some of them eventually--all were replaced under warranty.
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