AR-15 Thread

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Nothing too exciting, just a Bushy A3 HBAR that I've slowly modified for CMP/NRA highpower competition as the original rifle wasn't quite up to the task. Modifications to date:
Pac-nor wylde chambered barrel 1:6.5 twist 3-groove
FSB drilled and tapped for windage adjustable set screws
Fulton Armory Free float tube.
RRA 2-stage match trigger
Rear sight modified to allow elevation travel from 100-600+ yards (to be replaced with a Northern Competition NM rear sight in the future)



The other AR is just a few parts and a lot of ideas. I want to build something that I can use for hunting- 6.5 grendel, 6.8 spc, or maybe a .458 socom. Right now its just a Superior Arms lower with a CMMG parts kit.


I love my A1
Noveske N4 with Magpul MIAD upgrade, CA configured with Bullet button and a C Products 10/30 magazine. (restricted to 10 rounds but has the CDI factor of 30)

A 7.62x39mm AR:
Model 1 upper w/Aimpoint CompM4 and a Geissele DMR trigger

And a pair in another alternate caliber:
BAZ45 grease gun mag lower on the right while the one on the left takes Uzi mags; Oly uppers on both
My 18.5" SPR build in 6.5 Grendel...

- Essential Arms Lower
- Del-Ton flat-top (M4 ramps)
- Alexander Arms 18.5" stainless barrel with mid-length gas system
- Sabre Defense Tactical Gill Brake
- Jard 3# single-stage trigger
- Magpul PRS
- YHM light-weight, railed FFT
- Mueller Tac II 3.5-10x44
- KNS pins, tac latch, etc, etc


My 11.5" SBR build...

- Stag Lower
- DPMS upper (M4 ramps)
- DPMS 11.5" 1:9 heavy barrel
- PWS FSC556
- Jard 4# single-stage trigger
- Magpul CTR
- MI 10" 2-piece, railed FFT
- EOTech 551
- YHM flip-up BUIS (added after the pic)
- KNS pins, magwell, tac-latch, etc, etc


I just finished remodeling my 16" 3-gun build over the weekend, so I'll have to take some new pictures of it. But, it has...

- RRA lower
- Del-Ton flat-top
- Model1Sales 16" light-weight barrel (CAR)
- PWS FSC556
- Jard 3# single-stage trigger
- Magpul CTR
- YHM Spectre customizable FFT
- Millett DMS-1
- KNS pins, magwell, tac-latch, etc, etc

I have a few other miscellaneous uppers and lowers in various stages of completion depending on the day/week/month as well, but these are the main three.
I'm in, she's a home built piece. Bushy lower, DPMS upper, ACE Stock, Hogue furniture, Shilen Stainless Select Match 24" Ø1.0 under handguard, Ø.725 to the muzzle, chambered in 204 Ruger. Nikon Monarch 6.5-20 with Warn rings. RRA winter trigger guard (not pictured), Harris Bipod. She's been on one prairie dog trip so far, many more to come...

Here's my Minuteman Rifle.

I wanted to build a rifle that would be mine, and only mine. Years down the road, it won't matter if I sell it or give it away - it'll still be "my rifle".

Anvil Arms lower receiver, with RRA lower parts kit (single stage trigger).

RRA 16" midlength upper, with Wilson 1/8 stainless barrel, Wylde chamber.

Coyote Brown handguard and buttstock from Cavalry Arms (purchased as a part of Cav-Aid 2008).

FDE Miad grip, and Pmags from Magpul.

YHM BUIS - it'll have optics as soon as I save up some cash, and decide how I want to go.



Heres mine: Stag upper/lower, MI FF rail, CTR stock, EO 512 and clone 3x mag both in LT mounts, Grip Pod, and yes, CA neutered with locked 10 round mag.

That poor, poor rifle...Which smiley is more appropriate:






or all three?
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