Ar barrel length

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Oct 21, 2009
Mayby a better question for Cal Guns, but I was having trouble logging on. I am building an AR and am torn between a 14.5 and 16 inch. I do not know if the 14.5 inch with a flash/muzzle break will be at least 16 inches for minimum barrel length? Basically what I asking is: Are 14.5 barrels leagal in California?
I know Cali has tons of rules, even moew than illinois and I don't know them, but most AR barrels I have seen that are 14.5" with a muzzel brake welded or pinned on are 16.25" in length.
If you are using an A1 or A2 flash hider, you need a 14.7" barrel to make 16"+

However, you can use a wide variety of longer aftermarket muzzle brakes or flash hiders on a 14.5" barrel to make the total length over 16".
Brakes make a loud gun even louder, and some make it more difficult to shoot prone because of the amount of dirt blown everywhere. It has been my thought that you may as well have the extra 1.5" of bbl, and install a nice flash hider. Best of luck.
The supressor/brake will have to be permanently attached to the barrel. Merely screwing it onto the muzzle threads is inadequate to comply with Federal law. I don't know specifics about CA law.
You can use an A2X flash hider and pin or spot weld it on. The A2X is a bit longer than the A2.

A good compensator without all the side blast is the Noveske Krink. Purpose built for shorter than 14" barrels, it sends most of the concussion down range nicely and has a straight back recoil feel. It's big and heaavy though and kind of overkill with a long barrel like a 14.5".

Everything is illegal in Callistan so check your local laws.
I have a 14.5" barrel. I pinned and welded a Levang to it and it is exactly 16.1" long, measured from the face of the bolt. It's a matter of what you want. Some say the extra inch doesn't make a difference to them. If you are one of these people, you are in luck because going with the 16" could save you some pain in the future when you decide to start upgrading or swapping things around.
I have a 16" carbine and a 14.5" carbine with a pinned/welded A2X flash hider. I really can't tell much difference shooting them. I bought the shorter setup because I wanted the most compact carbine I could get without getting into SBR territory. I like it. I know I give up something ballistically by having 1.5 inches less barrel, but at the ranges the rifle is intended for it should not matter. I have a .308 for reaching out farther.
I already have a 20 inch AR, and I am share minutemen's sentiment. Thanks for the input. If you cannot tell the difference, I doubt I would. Cool! Now I think I'll get a 14.5 upper, and lower parts kit. I am excited!!!!
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