Are there Surpressors for M1 Garand

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Oct 7, 2016
I live in Louisiana and a gun Surpressor bill/law was signed a year and half ago for hunting by Governor Jindal. I am a owner of a M1 Garand, and would like to know if any one knows if there is a suppressor made for this rifle, and what are the requirements for buying and owning one. Since my hearing is not that great, I would like to save the little I have left.

Thank you.
Suppressors are pretty easy. Basically if you can pass the background check for a pistol, you can get a suppressor, the hardest part is the wait for the tax stamp. I'd recommend you set up a trust to own the suppressor so that others (family members in your household, etc) can legally possess the can.

Suppressors are caliber specific, not really weapon specific. I would expect that a .308 suppressor would be fine, but check with the manufacturer to make sure it will be ok with .30-06. If you want a safety margin, get a .30 caliber suppressor that's set up to take the pressures of .300 Win Mag.

I would be very wary of putting a can on a Garand. From what I have heard they are sensitive to gas pressure (even among different types of ammo). Suppressors create a lot of back pressure which would run the risk of bending your op rod. You also have the issue of getting the Garand threaded. I don't have one to play with, but there may or may not be enough exposed barrel to thread.
That thread is all one really needs to know what suppressing a Garand. Very informative. It's an interesting project so that people can they they've done it, but it's not sensible.

An easier solution might be some kind of electronic hearing protection, like Surefire's ear bud things.
Garands are not good candidates. It can be done but lots of mods and trouble required. Wear good plugs and good muffs.
Thanks for the replies and information, I had a feeling that it was not going to be that easy to get a suppressor for this rifle. This rifle has been my hunting buddy for over twenty years. About eight years ago I accidentally kill two does that were standing by the side on the edge of the woods and ready to cross the road, in which only one was visible and I had a clean shot, as when I got ready to fired the round the other doe just happened to walked up and next to the first one, and with one single shot killed them both. The first one through the lungs, the second through the head. That is how I got my nickname "one shot two kill". What happened after that is a loooong story.
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I do not know if this is the right place or section for this, if not please move it to the appropriate area.

Here goes: As I mentioned this happened eight years ago. I normally go hunting in northern Louisiana at Claiborne Parish (County to the rest of the states) close to the Arkansas border. I reached my "Tree Lounge" tree stand at about 7:00 AM which I placed/located on a pipe line clearance, I got comfortable and enjoying the view.

This hunt was during either sex time of the season, about half an hour later I saw a couple of small bucks jumping while crossing the road they were too far away for a sure shot.

I was feeling too relaxed and comfortable on my Tree Lounge, nothing happened for a while, and about 10:30 AM I was getting ready to relocate the Tree Lounge to another area in which I previously seen a nice buck a couple of days earlier.

As I was getting ready to come down from the stand, I saw some movement about one hundred and ten yards away, a nice doe stuck her head from the edge of the woods to my right hand side. This doe was trying to cross the lane but at the same time she kept looking back over her shoulder to her right, that seem strange to me for she done the same thing about three times. Finally she started to cross the lane, as I was already concentrating and putting the open sights on her vital lung area, as soon as she took two steps toward the opening, I fired saw her jump up a little and started to run across, as she crossed I noticed that there was a dear down on the ground, this did not seem right to me. This particular lane is just wide enough for a service truck to get through. So when the doe started to move I did not wanted to miss my only chance of getting her her down.

Still curious I finally got down from the stand to see what had happened, shot at a dear she ran across the road and yet there is a dear (doe) on the ground and not moving a muscle. She was shot through the head, I entered into the area that I saw the dear jumped into. Went about ten yards or so into the woods and noticed some blood on the ground and leaves. Went about another forty yards, and there was the doe on the side of a tree dead.

Here comes the fun part. I saw a game warden and explained to him what had happened. He said that he heard one shot being fired and as I explained it to him. I went back into the woods retrieved the first doe, when I came out the warden was waiting for me and handle me a citation for killing two dears on the same day.

After giving me the citation, he confiscated both does, and said that he was going to give them to a needed family. I have never been in this situation and not knowing at the time what the rules for this incident were, I let him take possession of both does, the first one was a nice size and the second one was a little smaller.

When I got home I called our secretary whose husband is a game warden himself and one of my friends, he has been a warden for the Louisiana wildlife and fisheries for a very long time. I told him what had happened during my hunt. The first thing he asked me was what the name of the officer who game me the citation. I showed him the ticket, my friend smiled which it was too strange for me to understand.

It seems that this particular warden had had quite a few complaints from other hunters about some other incidents. My warden friend being a long timer in the field and also knowing the top man in the Louisiana Wildlife and fisheries, told him of my incident with this particular warden.

About a week later a received a phone call at work, it was the big man from the LDWL he told me that my citation was null and void and that not to worry.

It should help to have friends in high places in time of need.

Here is the sad part of my story, It seems that my incident is the one that put the last nail on this warden coffin. He was fired for doing unethical things while on duty. Such as keeping both does for himself instead of giving them to a needed family as he said he would.

That is my story about my nickname. Thanks for for taking the time of reading it.
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This sounds like a perfect reason to add another rifle to the stable.

One hates to leave an old faithful rifle home during deer season, but there's a lot to recommend this approach. I just got a Davidson's quote for a Ruger American 308 w/ threaded barrel for $400. If you're not a machinist, getting a Garand suppressor mount might cost that much, and with a bolt gun you don't have to worry about back pressure etc.

I dunno what ranges you shoot at or how big Louisiana deer are, but for shorter ranges/smaller deer you might also look at the same rifle in 300BLK. A 16 inch barrel and a 7 inch (or whatever) suppressor still leaves a pretty handy package, and it'd be quiet.
pintler, you are absolutely right about how much it would cost to have the rifle threaded. I was able to obtain this rifle through an effort from the NRA, I was told that some armory in Alabama was instructed to surplus some 200 Garands, at that time I belonged to a hunting club in which we were able to get a chance to own a Garand with the help of the NRA, we were lucky to get/buy the rifles for a grand total of $75.00 each. The club obtained ten of them, and by drawing straws, I was fortunate to get one.

The other 190 rifles were distributed to other cubs in four other states, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and of course Alabama which got the majority of the rifles.
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