Army wants my Sniper Rifle Mount

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May 27, 2003
I'm very excited. :evil: I designed a Sniper Rifle Mount that allows snipers to lock their rifle on target above the foliage and clutter for utter precision out to max effective range, without having to go prone. Total stability = perfect precision. :D Works on everything from ARs to Barrett's new XM-109 25mm Paylosd. Did I mention I'm very excited? :evil:

I totally agree with Gen. Mattis, killing terrorists is just plain FUN. :neener:
Do they want you to produce it (and if they do can you produce enough for them?) or do they want to buy your design?

I too would like to see it.

I've heard of some scout snipers using camo'd camera tripods with front benchrest bags mounted on them. Is that like what you made?
I'll ask a very typical question (for me).

Have you patented this? If the army is interested it may be worth the expense for you to do so.

Er... Stupid question here, from a benchrest shooter.

Does it allow for consistent followthrough? Especially mechanical followthrough? Because if it doesn't, I don't care how rock-steady it is before you touch the trigger, it ain't gonna be accurate.
Yes, it is patented. I will be producing it. It can replace the sandbag on the tripod (Yeaaaa!). Yes it does allow for normal recoil but, at the instant of the shot, the sniper can (if he likes) touch only the trigger. I will post a drawing or picture as soon as I can. We are still in the preliminaries but close to final testing. :D

If you can picture an open-top figure 4 with a lip at the top of the long side so that it can be attached by a belt, duct tape, etc. The rifle is then nestled in the pocket or gripped with foam pad or other field expedients.

Thanks for the encouragement.
Suggest you bounce it off the folks at - they may be able to suggest some refinements.

At 200 yards, I'll bet you a month's worth of beer money that I've got a rifle/rest combination that'll outshoot it. Only picking 200 because I feel lazy, and the 6PPC doesn't like to play at 600 that much... Maybe I oughta get an Unlimited barrel chambered for .308...
Sounds like a good idea. What type of material? Aluminum, Steel, Titanium....Poly?

Good luck with the venture. Anything to help our men and women in uniform to kill the bad guys is a great idea.

May I ask you how you got the Military's attention? I'm trying to introduce a new material to the shooting market that is:
1) Over 200% harder than 6AL-4V Titanium,

2) NOT BRITTLE like many other extremely hard materials,

3) EASILY Machined with the right equipment.

I'm just beginning this new business venture so any help with military contacts will be helpful. I've been on every Military Branch and Government website and E-mailed them for more information about submitting my material for examination but just like the government they are slower than snot in January...Going on my second month of no responses. Hell, took 4 months before I heard anything about my FFL application.

If anyone knows and understands mechanical properties I can E-mail you a WinWord page, or almost any other format, describing my two materials versus 6AL-4V Titanium, 416 Stainless, and 4140 Chrome Molly. Just send me an E-mail, PM, Private message or post a reply.

I can tell you one thing though SunBear. If you haven't already, MAKE A BUSINESS PLAN!!! Even though you know what your doing, how to make it...etc, you should still have one. This way if, and when, your idea gets going you will have something to show potential investors. Believe me, if you have something that has great potential then investors will begin to take notice. I've already had several potential investors contact me but since my Bizplan is about 95% finished, after several revisions, they all were universal about me getting back with them when it's 100% complete.

I appreciare all the interest and suggestions. Refinements are out of my hands now. Preliminary feedback is coming from Army snipers which helped
confirm the Army reps decision to go forward with the testing.

I expect it will be made from something like Rynite ( as in M-16 stocks )
The patent database is searchable - could you provide either a patent number, a name that exists in the patent or a phase that this item is patented under?

The database is here

When I did a quick search for "sniper rifle mount" I came up empty. "Sniper" gave me this list. Which one of these is your device?
Cool, congratulations SunBear. Good luck with the business. Let us know if you can start selling it to civilians.

"Sniper" gave me this list. Which one of these is your device?​

You are assuming that (1) its published - not all military things get published, even for issued patents, though in this case I'd be mildly surprised if they kept it sealed,
(2) the word "sniper" appears in the text, it may not, and
(3) that its an issued patent. (I know, he said it was, but some people say its patented when they have applied, even if it hasn't issued.)

He may not be free to talk much about it yet, so don't be offended if you don't get more information.

Nifty! So it's a rest that can be attached to any handy vertical surface. I could see a civilian market for that to deer hunters, too. At first I thought you were talking about something like a steady cam setup for rifles.

Suggestion: If you had these pads that it could snap onto, utilizing a quickset epoxy that's mixed when you pull off a cover film, the sniper could just pull one out of his pocket, slap it on the wall or tree or whatever, and be firing a few seconds later. Then leave the pad behind when switching locations. I think they make something like that for picture hanging...
bogie. Relax. You don't have to have the best or know everything around here. If I am reading everything correctly, you thought it was some sort of automatic aiming device. It now appears it is simply a device that allows you to steady up against a tree or building or anything else other than going prone or sitting on a bench. Also the purpose of this invention is to offer snipers to get steady rests from vertical objects in the field. They are shooting enemy targets that shoot back. They don't need benchrest accuracy and they don't need to carry around a big rifle rest for shooting itty bitty groups into bad guys. So run off and go shoot your mother of all groups and brag to someone else that might be impressed. We want to offer Sunbear legitimate and positive feedback that assists him in his ventures, not get in a pissing contest of who is best and the brightest.

Back to topic, how does it attach to these things and how quickly? Those patent specs are real hard to read. Nevermind, I enlarged it and will post my own answer.

The base typically includes at least one channel capable of recieving a tie or other fastener such as a rope, tape, wire, nail or other suitable means of anchoring the base to a vertical support surface.

Ok, I am still having a hard time envisioning this whole thing at work. Pictures showing an example would help out a lot.
Okay guys, the one-piece is the one we're talking about here. KISS. Picture #5 in Jonathan's post above. (Thanks Jonathan) The upper and lower channels (where the holes are) are secured with web belt, cargo strap, duct tape, etc around the vertical support. You then rest the rifle in the support or secure it with a U-shaped piece of foam from your sleeping pad. Also replaces the sandbag on a tripod. YAAAAY! The holes are for pitons or spikes to mount to a wall or rock face.

In the desert, you can mount it on a tripod sunk 6-8 inches in the sand or the door post of a HUMVEE to get the sniper up off the soft sand . :evil: In Fallujah-type situations you can secure it to beams or supports back in a building to provide cover.

I'm glad for the picture 'cause I'm having trouble transferring one. :banghead:

This was oriiginally designed to support the Barrett :D , for the 1500-2000 yd shots, because it's impossible to hold it steady anywhere but prone, but it will work for any sniper rifle. More options.
Well, again, and long range shooters will back this up, if you can't maintain a consistent recoil impetus, you're not going to keep your vertical within acceptable limits. The things have to recoil, and recoil smoothly, or otherwise folks would just bolt something to a ton or so of concrete.


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Congrats SunBear! Score 1 for the good guys :)

Bogie, you need to take a chill pill- This is about COMBAT, not bench shooting. Two entirely different animals, none of your fancy gear would ever make it in the combat arena- too bulky, too fragile, etc. :cuss:
I guess humping that enormous hunk of iron around the field would be the spotter's job eh Bogie? Not what I would call a real useful gadget for a sniper.

I think we're having yet another "defining terms" situation. :rolleyes:

It isn't a "mount", think Ransom Rest, which holds the rifle with no shooter necessary for support.

It is a "rest", like a bipod or sandbag which supports some of the rifle's weight and provides steadiness over shooting unsupported.

The innovation is it can attach to vertical surfaces vice just on horizontal ones...

What came to my mind looking at the diagram was my Ramshot powder nailer. With a couple 22 blank's worth of noise (basically) you could shoot that thing onto concrete blocks or almost any building material. Wouldn't even need the tie wrap or a "post". Quick pry with a small crowbar and you are off and moving again.
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