Assuming you are a permit holder how often do you carry?

How often do you carry a firearm

  • less than 25%

    Votes: 66 15.1%
  • Between 25 & 50%

    Votes: 24 5.5%
  • Between 50 & 75%

    Votes: 45 10.3%
  • 100% (excepting places where carry is illegal)

    Votes: 230 52.6%
  • Between 75 & 100%

    Votes: 72 16.5%

  • Total voters
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Voted Between 50 and 75% but it probaly closer to 80 /85%.Depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going.

It's not a matter of thinking that it WILL happen. We just recognize that it COULD.

I have a first aid kit in my bag every day, but I don't expect to need it. I wear my seatbelt every time I drive, but I don't expect to crash. I have 2 fire extinguishers, but I don't expect fire.

You have probably heard these before, with good reason.
I am always armed, when the law allows. I am like CoRoMo, I carry while I am at home. I carry EVERYWHERE I go that it is legal. I try my best to avoid places where itis not allowed. My brother-in-laws younger brother was robbed and shot in the face at point blank range years ago. I am not looking to take the law into my hands, I simply want to watch my daughter grow up. I don't know when of if something is going to happen. I think of it as Insurance, hope I don't need to use it, but if I do it is there.
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Can't go through life thinking some thug is right around the corner waiting to steal your wallet.

And when there IS some thug wanting your wallet/life/defile your wife I bet you'll wish you had it.

I don't wear a seatbelt because I plan on getting in an accident. I wear it just in case.
I imagine most people don't carry, I carry as much as I can (legally), but it's just my thing and I expect each person has to make that decision as an individual.

The only time I carry is in the woods or when I'm headed to the range. Trout fishing in the Adirondacks, coyote hunting in the woods. No reason to carry otherwise. Can't go through life thinking some thug is right around the corner waiting to steal your wallet. Pretty sad...

So people with a different mentality than you are "pretty sad?" That's not the least bit offensive or myopic.
No reason to carry otherwise.
Many, many victims across the nation would disagree with you. Many armed citizens across the nation who avoided becoming victims would also disagree with you. I'm extremely interested to know how you'd respond to such disagreement.
Can't go through life thinking some thug [strike]is[/strike] might be right around the corner...
Why not? Seriously, why not? Are there no thugs in this country? Does violent crime not exist? Seriously?

What I find pretty sad is the irresponsible disregard for personal safety. Some people don't get it.
24/7/365 im 23 155 lbs carrying a full size 1911 2 reloads and a rat-3 fixed blade all concealed by a t-shirt, dickies work pants and a 5.11 belt. with my messy hair you'd never guess
100% with very few exceptions. I don't carry because of a potential thug wanting my wallet, I carry because of many past tragedies that could have been prevented, i.e. person 'snaps' after losing job/wife/etc walks into a restaurant and opens fire on complete strangers for no apparent reason to them. I can think of two past cases of that right off the top of my head, which is two too many. I don't live my life expecting that to happen every day when I leave the house with a gun, I just don't want to wish I had one and not have one.
My carry-gun seems to be a good luck charm too, because so far in the three years I've been carrying every day, I've never needed to pull it from the holster :)

Yesterday for four hours was the first time in a long time that I actually didn't have it on me in public. Went to a concert that did not allow carry regardless of license. It felt very weird not to have one on me. Needless to say, I would skip most shows if not allowed to carry, but this one was worth it, and I didn't see anyone who wasn't smiling and having a great time.
I've gone to countless other public events and concerts while carrying concealed with no problems.
I carry everywhere unless I'm going somewhere prohibited.

Excluding work. Its not prohibited but as a welder in heavy steel Fab its just not feasable from a mobility firearm durability standpoint, not to mention it wouldn't be very safe. There are certain jobs you just can't have a gun on you while you do them, I work at one.
Good question, Trunk Monkey...well worth considering once in a while. One comment first: There ought to be a 75-100% category.

I guess I carry about 90% of everywhere I legally can. Most of the time I carry inside the house, and I carried a 1911 during three hours of yard work Saturday. The rare occasions I don't carry are usually due to convenience when going in and out of places where carry is not legal. For example, if I know I'm going to the Post Office, I'd rather not park across the street, etc. And sometimes my job has me going on and off a military base...can't carry those days, no matter where else I'm going, unless I go all the way home first to drop off or retrieve my pistol. Can't carry at work at all anyway. There have been a few times where I went to my mailbox at the end of the drive while not carrying...always feel just a little guilty about that.

I like to put it this way:

It's not important to carry every day, but it is important to carry on the day that someone unexpectedly visits violence on you or a loved one. It's also important to correctly guess which day that will be.


Q. Why carry a handgun all the time? Are you expecting trouble?
A. No, but trouble doesn't make appointments. If I were expecting trouble, I would stay home...or carry a rifle.

ETA: BTW, I rounded up my answer to the poll to 100%.
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Question For The Mods

Good question, Trunk Monkey...well worth considering once in a while. One comment first: There ought to be a 75-100% category.

Would it be possible to edit the poll to include such a response?
25%-50%, it's conditional depending on the circumstances, location, time of day, etc. I am just glad that I can in California.

I carry a gun like I carry a watch. Goes on when I get dressed, stays on all day.

BTW, results aren't skewed much by asking on a gun site. His question has a qualification: "Assuming you are a permit holder ...". So, if this question was asked in a mall, the 90+ percent of the population without permits would keep walking. Qualified respondents would be members of the same ilk that gathers here.

There will be a small bias given permit holders who are not particularily interested in guns may not visit gun sites.
Again, one hundred percent where it's legal.
If I'm going some place I can't carry, it's just so easy to slip the .38 in my pocket, and leave it in the car when I need to.
If I can't carry somewhere, I keep my knife on me and make a note of the exits.

The county I live in is booked 3 weeks in advance for CHL licensing appointments, and they schedule an appointment every 15 minutes of every business day. That county is 1 of 3 counties covering the greater Portland area. That's a lot of licenses each year. Most of those aren't "gun enthusiasts", just people who want to carry for particular occasions or events.

Of the people I know who have licenses, about 1/5 carry regularly. The others carry only "when they have to go to bad areas". Oddly, I know of people who have licenses, but don't own guns.

@ the OP,

I apologize for sounding snarky in saying that results would be skewed. I sometimes forget that tone doesn't translate well in text. While I don't think a board is an ideal sample, the topic is still interesting to me. Even the encapsulated results for THR are interesting.
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