Astigmatism and red dots

I have astigmatism and a couple of red dot sights. The dot is distorted when it is bright. If I dial it down to where I can just see it it is perfectly round. I am not sure if the problem is caused by astigmatism or by cloudy fluid under my lenses. I also have a cheap Bushnell that has red or green dot and cross hairs or dot. Boy, that think is sharp in green and I love the green cross hairs. Got it on my muzzleloader right now. If the red dots look distorted to you check out the green dots.
Is it a cheap optic?

I have astigmatism in both eyes and tend to see a starburst. Green helps and Holosun 507s and 510s with the circle dot seem to give me the best compromise.
I too have an astigmatism. Green does help, but I found the Holosuns with the ring around the dot to not help me at all. Most red dots are a starburst for me, but my Riton looks almost like a normal dot. Odd.

Primary Arms has some prism scopes that are great for astigmatism

I just bought a primary Arms rifle scope. It has a 1-6x24 low power variable optic features ACSS Nova fiber wire red dot. I have an astigmatism and this scope allows me to see the red dot with no starburst whatsoever. The dot on this scope is extremely bright and with 11 illumination settings, a blind man could see this red dot in bright day light. Primary Arms are good people to do business with. Quality wise, this scope hits way above $340 price. You can find it on youtube,