AWB wake: Any interest in a northern Illinois / southern Wisconsin shoot?

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Jan 6, 2003
My own little slice of Purgatory
While good places that would host a large group and allow "normal" shooting (e.g., load more than 1 round at a time in rifles) are hard to find in Northern Illinois, wanted to get a read on interest of a THR get together.

Was thinking it would be nice to put this together around the time of death of the it a wake...

Place? Well my club (Bristol Wisconsin) wouldn't be fun to shoot at since we are single round restricted. Maybe the Buffalo Range in Ottowa IL if they're up and running by then? Maybe they would let us have the place to ourselves if we book a big enough group.

Buffalo Out?

Better look into Bristol, it appears that the EPA suits are currently harrassing Buffalo with a clean up. This doesn't make sense because the range is already located in a strip mine. I'd be interested email me
I'd be willing to "host" it at my club. The only draw-back is that's there's a $10 per person "guest" fee for non-members.:fire: BYOA and shot all you want. Rifle range is 100 yards, but we do have CMP classses and we've got three trap fields and a skeet range. But you can load more than one round (no automatic fire however). Sunday's are normally fairly open.

Oh yeah. It's the Aurora Sportman's Club in Sugar Grove. You can check it out at Send me an e-mail at [email protected] if you're interested.
Count me in Scott -- we'll round up the few in this area who shoot and make it happen

Scout26 and Alvin York -- good to hear from you. Let's look into both Aurora and Buffalo (have heard about the EPA harrassment but don't know the current status)
Update on Buffalo Rock

I talked to Buffalo Rock a few weeks ago. From what the daughter told me, it wasnt the range that is getting hassled by the EPA. It is the land fill behing them that is getting rebuilt. She assured me that they will open again in September. She didnt know exactly when.

I recently found an outdoor range in Sycamore IL. It is open to the public. the hours are 12:30 to 4 Sat and Sun. They have probably 50 lanes, from pistol to 100 yds. They will allow double and triple taps...but no rapid fire.
They allow anything smaller than 50 BMG. The cost is $10 for the day, for non members. It seems Sunday is more crowded than Sat.
I'm in!:)


Edited to add,

Everybody should try to bring all of their "Assault Weapons" and cameras for pictures.:evil:

Well let's see I can contribute

• DSA STG58A Type 1, 7.62x51mm
• DPMS CAR-15A3 5.56x45mm
• Yugo SKS 59/66A1 7.62x39mm well as "assault weapons of their day"

• Mannlicher Berthier M.1892 8mm Lebel
• Springfield 1873 Trapdoor .45-70 Gov't
• Mauser 98K Israeli/Czech .308 Win
• Mosin-Nagant M44 7.62x54R
• M1 Garand .30-06
• Mosin-Nagant 91/30 7.62x54R
• Swiss K31, 7.5x55 Swiss
• Springfield (Remington) 1903A3, .30-06
• BSA Lee-Enfield No 4 Mk 1, .303 British

Not to mention assorted normal capacity autoloading pistols
Exactlly what day/time would be best ?

The day after, the 15th?

or wait till the weekend?

I'd rather wait for the weekend myself.

Yes 9/18 or 9/19. I'll be out of town until Wednesday...but I'll give IAMKRIS a call then so maybe we can set something up.

Sound good. I'd like to give Buffalo Range a try outin Ottowa...they'll likely have the least restrictions on a "celebration". Will need to give them a call to ensure they'll be open
Bad news fellas. I need to go to Germany for work...leaving evening of 14th and returning afternoon of 18th. Wife has stuff scheduled on 19th and I'll be the least popular male in the house if I even ask to go to a shoot on sunday after being away.

I'm afraid you're on your own for this one. Maybe next time.
I'm in! 'Got a few dozen buddies that I am tryin to rally for the gig.

Buffalo range would be most ideal for my location since I'm only 20 minutes up the road, but anything within a three hour drive is worth it in this marvelous, gun-friendly:rolleyes: state!
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