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Feb 28, 2007
Okay... it's been awhile since I was last here. Seems like the place has settled down a bit :eek:

I am asking my parents for the compliance parts that I will need to convert my Saiga 7.62x39 back to it's "proper" configuration for Christmas. Knowing that getting the right parts can be a matter of having either a legal rifle or a piece of ATF perjury bait, I am going to give them a list of the parts that I will need.

Can any of you guys give me the specific names of the compliance parts I will need in a list (i.e., Arsenal gas piston)? Heck, links would be even better.

doesn't need to be arsenal, any of the stainless pistons you find on-line will be fine (tapco). and you may not even need to replace the gas piston. i simply replaced the trigger group (tapco G2, counts as 3 parts) and used a one-piece stock-pistol grip from choate for around $55 bucks. all I's dotted, all T's crossed.

oh yeah.....also being fundamentally lazy is why i just had to see what this post was about !
Replace the buttstock, trigger group, and pistol grip and you'll have enough compliance parts.
No need to replace the piston. If anything, that would be a bad idea, since the chromed Saiga piston is superior to the stainless steel ones.
Check out this thread

IIRC, 14 total compliance parts in your 7.62x39, you can't have more than 10 foreign parts.

Typically, the FCG (counts as 3 parts), grip, and buttstock are popular compliance swaps as quality US versions are available, I'd contend they are better parts and result in a better rifle.

Good luck,

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