Best .45ACP handgun for less than $1400?

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I'd get an XD45 and send it to Springer for a whole lotta custom work. When you get it back it'll shoot better than you can and will still function flawlessly with any ammo in just about any conditions found on planet Earth. With the left over money I'd buy a case or two of .45 hardball to practice with. :cool:
My vote is for the S&W 4506. awesomely reliable, extremely comfortable to shoot, and super accurate.
I ended up buying a Para Ordnance GI Expert. Got a great deal on it ($419.00 plus tax). It will be my project gun. I plan to initially shoot it stock and then change out parts overtime (slide lock, thumb safety, beavertail grip safety). Slide to frame fit is excellent.
another vote for Dan Wesson. I was on the web site the other day and noticed the price increases and discontinued models for the coming year. I'm not sure you could get what you want under your quoted limit but they are worth delaying the puchase until you can save up.
If you take it out and have some feed issues within the first few hundred rounds, don't lose hope, I ended up using a cordless drill with a bore mop attached to it to polish my feed ramp, and after about 5 minutes or so of polishing, the next tiem i took it out i didn't have a single failure. Been another thousand rounds ince then with zero issues. :)
HK45 vote from me, not the HK USP 45 as assumed earlier in the thread. Nothing wrong with the USP, the HK45 is just awesome.
The H&K 45 felt good in my hand. But, I didn't care for the high bore axis. Both the H&K45 and H&K30 have great hand fit.
If you're going with another 1911 I'd sell the Kimber and add that to your cash for a really nice custom or semi-custom .45.

If you're leaving yourself open to other platforms I'd add second vote for a S+W 4506. I don't own one but plan to. The only negative I've ever heard about them is their size and weight which is not an issue for you. You could get two (or a 4506 and another S+W complimentary piece) and tons of ammo under your budget.

This is also a gun that is currently reasonably plentiful but has been out of production for some time. It will only increase in value if that is a consideration for you.
hey, that's an awsome looking longslide, quack! reminds me of the one in the first terminator movie. almost looks as nice as my EMP40! ;) :)


p.s. how in god's name did you get that nice wilson for $1,400?!
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