Best Bolt Action 22 under $500

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Used to be CZ on 452/trainers/farmers variants now converted to 455 linage. I will confess I am partial to CZ rifles. However, there are some Savage and others on that price range very competitive.
I have the savage Mark II BTVSS, and bought my son the FVSR, both are accurate, the BTVSS has a heavier and longer barrel, and is my target 22 of choice, I also have an old mossberg sporter barrel that is pretty accurate.

The BTVSS does not jump at all (no barrel jump) due to the heavy barrel, but the SR will because is is light and short. So, you have to make sure you preload the bipod well and keep the rifle as level as possible to keep it accurate.

I would not hesitate to buy another BTVSS - it is more accurate than I am, it shoots where I aim it if don't mess up.

I don't own a CZ, probably would if the 3 rifles I have were not accurate, but they are, so, there you go.

I have won matches with either of 2 CZ 452's. My Ruger American in .22 Mag is very good. I have a target Ruger 10/22 that shoots just behind my CZ's. For an old rifle my Remington 540XR is a good bench rest gun and most accurate of all my 22's. but is highly selective on ammo with a very tight chamber. The dominate rifles at matches in that class, lightweight Sport, are CZ's last time I shot a match. You do see many Savages and Rugers and a mix of others shoot pretty well. If it were me I would buy another CZ. But Ruger American is worth a good look the target model should be good. Some claim Savages are as good, could be some guy on some day but I will pay attention if one ever wins over my CZ.
I'd go with the crowd and say CZ overall and CZ and Savage for the two best middle priced bolt action 22 rifles. The least expensive CZ is the trainer model. Still a good 22 rifle especially if you like open sights. My favorite bolt action 22's are actually the Remington's overall ,but they cost more these days.
What .22's cost more than $500? o_O Unless competing, there's no reason to ever spend more than about $350 on a .22lr.
That's one view. But I like a nice 22 rifle and only my oldest 22 rifles are worth under $350. All are sporters with the exception of a Remington.
CZ 455. I have one and it makes the 100 yrd shots look easy.

I know 22 LR isn't really a 100 yd cartridge but it's fun to play around with anyway.
If you look at the equipment surveys from the NRA national smallbore silhouette championships, roughly 60-70% are Anschutz, about 20% CZs, and smatterings of the rest.
Yes, but are they under five hundred dollars. I suspect when one is in the national championships an unaltered off-the-shelf won't cut it. Was the scope included in this budget?

I think I have a twenty sixteen Smattering, but it isn't competition ready yet.:D

So @bluetopper ,what did you end up with?
Demi-human, the CZs in the list were all under $500. They've all had triggers replaced more than likely though since that is the only complaint about the most accurate twenty-two priced under $500 that can be bought.
No need to replace a CZ trigger. A great trigger pull can be had from a home trigger job and a dollar or less worth of parts....I have done a pile of them.
No need to replace a CZ trigger. A great trigger pull can be had from a home trigger job and a dollar or less worth of parts....I have done a pile of them.

And there are far worse triggers out of the box on more expensive rifles.
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