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Best Value in an AR

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by New19, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. New19

    New19 Member

    Dec 24, 2006
    I am trying to decided which way to go here, I want to get an AR15(it will be used for home protection/target shooting) and I am looking for advice on what to get, I am more concerened with getting a good Value for my money than actual cost:) would I be better off going with a kit and striped reciever:confused: if so what kits are the best, or get a allready complete AR, I did try a search but just did not find anything.

  2. RCR29

    RCR29 Member

    Dec 18, 2006
    www.ar15.com will have everything you need to know about ar's. Do some reading on the forums before posting, because chances are any question you have will have been answered 100 times before. If you are looking for a good value and aren't afraid of assembling a gun, then get a stripped lower and a parts kit and put it all together. If you want it to be simpler, you could always get a complete lower and an upper and mate the two.
  3. swingset

    swingset Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Stag Arms makes a superb AR, for cheap. Buy a complete Stag or Superior Arms lower (both are equally well made), then an upper from one of the many dealers (I like Ranier Arms for price and customer service), and you'll have a VERY nice AR for around $700 that few companies can match in terms of quality, especially for that price.

    I built 2 doing just that this year, and both are superb runners.
  4. chrisslamar

    chrisslamar Member

    Jun 30, 2006
    Barrington, IL
    I've been having some AR questions as well so I figured i'd ask add em on to this upper question thread. I'm also looking for an upper for the lower that i just built. My question is two fold, first are parts for the uppers interchangable between manufacturers? Example: Will Company A's Barrel fit into company B's receivers? Second question, about how much would i be looking at saving if i pieced together an upper instead of buying a complete upper.

    Sorry, I'm not trying to hijack the thread, but i figured it would be better to add to this thread than having another ar upper thread right above it. Thanks a ton.

    -- Chris
  5. RockyMtnTactical

    RockyMtnTactical Member

    Oct 21, 2006
    Stag all the way!!
  6. DaveInFloweryBranchGA

    DaveInFloweryBranchGA Member

    Dec 7, 2005
    NE Georgia
    I just built a Stag Arms M4orgery. I bought the receiver in a group buy for a 100 bucks. I bought the M4 upper kit (included everything else, even a 30 round magazine) from legal transfers (an AR15.com dealer) for $620.00 delivered to my home. Total cost: $720.00.

    I had to buy three pin punches ($21.00 from the local industrial supplier) to put the thing together. Had I planned ahead on the pin punches, I would have just bought a complete pin punch set from Brownell's when I ordered the rifle.

    I used the instructions off of Ar15.com and taking my time, cleaning, lubing everything, it took me all of 30 minutes to finish building the lower.

    The rifle has a chrome lined barrel, an ARMS #40A2 rear sight installed, an enhanced bolt carrier and overall, I've been pleased with it. I do recommend you restake the bolt carrier gas key per instructions on AR15.com.

    I don't think you can build a good quality M4orgery cheaper than what I did mine. You might save a little money if you buy an unassembled upper kit, but you'll spend that on the tools to put the upper together.


  7. jem375

    jem375 Member

    Jan 4, 2003
    DPMS will be your best buy for a ar15. I have 2 and the last one I bought cost me $630. I bought a complete A2 upper in March for $300 at a gun show, in June I bought a A4 lower with the 6 position collapsible stock, JP trigger installed for $330 at another gun show. I had called the DPMS plant earlier and they had it ready for me at the gun show on the lower. I also am a firm believer in the A,B,C,D, and R of ar15's, not some Johnny come lately company....
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