Bit Me: A story of the end of the world

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+100000 aussie bloke,i plan to retire to a sailing yacht and will someday see your shores before my bow.i hope at that time your goverment has trusted you and all their law abideing citizens with the right of self defense we sometimes take for granted.

i consider it the civilized decent man and womans responsibility to defend against the evil ones and would find it a honor to do so in your fascinating country.
G'day everyone,......

I guess you're glad the "traitor" is gone? Now let's see if Rudd follows through with his election promises and does away with that insulting and frivolous, "earth warming" crapoli, and brings your boys home from a war that isn't yours. This is a good time for you all to step up your demands to have personal protection guns legitimized for both home protection and for day to day carry. Push the guy, let's see what he's made of.

What we need to do is get Rudd to undo the dammage the "Traitor" has done and give everyone their semi-auto's back.
Better still would be if we get him on top of that to include into the Australian constitution "The right of the people to keep and bare arms"
Not to highjack this thread at all but we have the right to own firearms under the British contitution,this explains why the polititions are Psychotically obsessed with becomming a republic because it gets them out from under the British constitution that thay have no control or means to change.
Instant dictatorship!

I now return you to our regular Programming.:

Where's our next installment??

Wow, I just spent hours reading this post, and I must say the story is spellbounding. Like a good novel, I was unable to put the computer down to get any work done. Excellent writing hrgrisso, I wish you the best on your elk hunt, and await more chapters of this novel. We will wait to hear about your hunt, and to see pictures of your success.

More story coming in the next two days. Sorry been hectic getting back from vacation. There will be moar but patience is a virtue (even though we all need our brain fixes).
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