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Black on Black Para Ordnance P16-40 Limited

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Tin_Man, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Tin_Man

    Tin_Man Member

    Dec 27, 2008
    Hey Guys! How's everyone doing?

    Recently I decided I would consider selling my Wasr-10 for something I liked a little better. I was approached and offered this all black Para Ordinance P16-40 Limited. I was wondering if anyone could give me their take on the P16-40, Para Ordnance, and maybe even your thoughts on whether or not I should accept it.

    My only real reason to hesitate is that I really feel like the WASR-10 will continue to go up in value, especially with the threat of another Gun Ban.

    This is how the gentleman described it to me.

    "Para Ordnance P16-40 "Limited",
    ..40 s&w, two 16rd mags (flush fit),
    Full size 1911, (5" barrel), polished chamber & feed ramp,
    Fully adjustable target sights, Front and rear cocking serrations on the slide, extended beaver tail grip safety, skeletonized trigger and hammer, full length guide rod, power extracter, all black.
    This gun is very accurate and tight. It has about 300 rds through it and is still in the break-in phase. I have put only factory ammo through it, no reloads. I kept the manual, adjustment wrenches, lock, etc,... but I threw away the original case because I never thought I'd sell this one

    "The finish is 99.99%. I would say 100%, but nobody says 100% on a pre-owned firearm. There are no scratches or holster wear. (Sadly, it's never even seen a holster). I currently keep it in a soft padded case that I would throw in as well. I will send you a few pictures tomorrow evening. My wife is better with the digital camera, computer, etc. The finish is a non-reflective black. Not sure what Para calls it, but it's smooth and it's not blueing. It reminds me of the blackened stainless that Sig does to their slides. When I checked the Para website before, the only P16-40 "Limited" they listed was a stainless gun, but the picture provided was of a shiney version."



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