Browning Medallion Series M28 gun safe

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Jul 15, 2012
Hello. I have a friend who is considering selling me one of his gun safes. It is a Browning M28 (Medallion Series) and I believe it is approximately 15-20 years old. Dimensions are 60x30x27".

I would like to know how much this safe is worth. I am hoping there are some experts on here who can help because I am having a hard time finding any value info on the web for an older safe such as this one.

Thanks in advance.
Odd items such as a 20 year old gun safe do not sell often enough to set a realistic current value. If it is still fully functional and will serve the purpose you desire then find the nearest equivelent new on the market and use that as a baseline price. I would reduce the new price by 50% as a starting point and then due to the age and likely wear on the locking mechanism maybe another 25%. But in truth used items are worth whatever the market will bear. If it is worth $500 to you and the owner will sell it for that price then that is its value, same can be said for $100 or $1000. If the price is mutually acceptable and both parties are happy then it was a good deal. If you mention what you paid on a site like this some will tell you that you got ripped off and others will tell you that it was a steal so you have to satisfy yourself. I hope you are able to come to proper terms if it is something you would like.
You also need to consider that some of the older safes may have thicker steel than current models, which would make them more resistant to burglary, and therefore more desirable. Manufacturers have in many cases lightened the steel in recent years. Ask the owner if he has any of the original manufacturer paperwork showing specs or you could contact Browning directly and give them the model info and ask them directly.

I would assume this older safe has a combination dial lock. Ask where it was kept (garage, bedroom, etc.). That will give some clues as to the environment this product lived in for so long and factors that may have affected the internal mechanism. Also ask if he ever had any preventative maintenance done by a qualified locksmith or safe technician, such as lubrication on the locking mechanism or lock itself.
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Thank you for the replies. Yes, it has a combination dial lock. Also, as far as I know it has been kept indoors. Not sure on service history though, I will try and ask for more details.

If anyone on here has sold or purchased a gun safe such as this one (or a similar one) and dont mind sharing how much it went for, I would like to know.
Those Medallions were pretty good gun safes.
It has at least a ten gauge body.
Since it is used and 15-20 years old it will not have as much fire rated sheetrock insulation as todays Medallions but that would be the least on my concerns.
It is worth easily up to one thousand dollars and every hundred you can get it below that all the better.
At the end of the day you are getting in many ways a better gun safe than a lot of new safes out there today and at a very nicely reduced price.
Buy it!!
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