CA AR Owners - A Few Questions

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Nov 6, 2008
SoCal - Riverside
Good Morning,

I have been debating if I should get a AR15 due to my love for weapons, the military, and pride of ownership. I have a Bolt gun, and would love to finish my collection of one bolt rifle, one semi auto rifle, a 1911, and a 22lr.

I would like to have a AR15 with all of the 'Evil' features, and have a 'Magic Button'. This is legal, as long as I have a 10 round clip correct?

I have a few questions for California AR-15 owners. I had thought about maybe posting this over at but I'm sure some of you guys may have the answers to my question.

I'll go ahead and lay them out...

1. If you buy a OLL lower, can you ship it to a CA FFL if it does not have a 'Magic Button' installed?

(I imagine that you could if it does not come with a pistol grip installed.)

2. If you get the OLL Lower, is that the only item that you will have to wait the 10 day period on?

3. Would I need to send the Upper with bolt, barrel and all that to the FFL as well, or would that be sent to my home?

4. I assume the only way to have a evil rifle is to buy a stripped lower, buy a LPK, and Magic Button and install them correct?

(I have not seen anywhere where you can buy a complete lower with a magic button.)

I really would not decide to buy one until either A) The prices for everything AR goes down. or B) Obama decides to ban them and we are no longer able to get them. (wouldn't be a big deal to me)

Any help would be appreciated.
1. Only a stripped lower, generally. You might be able to remove the pistol grip, etc., but that's dubious.
2. Yes.
3. Sent to your home, just like a box of greeting cards.
4. Not the only way. This place ships CA-legal lowers, and some places sell CA-legal rifles complete.

LAN World is priced very competitively, but be advised some places sell rifles with bullet buttons in California for substantial markups. Assembling a lower is not hard, especially if you get a set of roll pin punches. Instructions are available at and are quite good. That's what I used, and I hadn't even seen one up close before I did it. is the place to look for all this stuff.
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