Can I brag?

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Random Guy
Jan 14, 2009
Heart of Dixie (Ala)
I am pretty pumped, it's not often I get a good deal so when I do I like to brag. I was sitting here today and a good friend of mine came by and he had just bought a XDm, a Mosin, and a Mossberg 12ga from a friend of his who I have met once at a day of target practice. He wanted to sell the XDm and the Mosin, I have been thinking about getting a Mosin for a while and he knew this, that's why he came by.

Well, long story short he left me with the Mosin that still has cosmoline on it, along with all the junk (sling, cleaning kit, bullet pouches, ect) and a box shells. As well as the 40 cal XDm 3.8 which I would say looks like it has had less than 100 rounds down it. It also has the box, all the XD gear junk,2 mags, paperwork ect, and 2 boxes of Hydro Shocks.....All for $500. :D:D

The XDm has a receipt in the box for 649.99 when it was bought new. Also on the receipt were two boxes of Hydro Shocks and 1 box of Remington's. The Mosin is in great shape, I figure it would probably be around a hundred bucks.

I think I got a pretty good deal. Can't wait to shoot them. I would shoot them now but I may hit a cow, Black Angus means no shooting after dark when we have them in this pasture, fortunately that's only during calving season.
Just took the XDm apart and it amazes me how little wear it has, I also found the date on the receipt, 3-18-11. The Mosin is just bathed in cosmoline, it looks like it's going to take a looong time to get it clean, that crap is everywhere. The date on it is 1942, and as best as I can tell all the number match, don't know why I care but I'm glade they do.

I have already bought this buddy many beers, but you all are right, I think I owe him a few more. He is a good friend in many ways.
I shot the Ol' Mosin today. I was surprised how little recoil it had. I have heard they were punishing, also ordered more ammo and glad that stuff is cheap, this thing is going to get shot a lot with ammo that cheap. I've got to learn more about it all I know is the date (1942) was on it, I saw USSR on it to.

The more I handle the XDm the more I like it, I'll probably wind up using it for a truck gun, I keep a rather nice 1911 in there now and it is more of a range gun with a 3 1/2 lb trigger.:eek: The XDm is nice and I do like but for $700+ out the door I would have never bought one, it's just not that nice to me. I will probably wind up with some night sights on it.

Instead of a couple of beers I would say invite him to your next back yard BBQ and grill him a very nice steak. If this doesn't work definately buy him a steak dinner.
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