Caracal C. I'm a fan

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Has anyone really given the Caracal a real test, a torture test, a longevity test of any sort? Does any police or military use them?

They look alot like the Styer pistols. Interesting. For the right price (less than $400) I'd give one a try.
The Steyr and Caracal were designed by the same man.
Like plouffedaddy, I had a buddy double fire my PPQ. I think it is the trigger reset also.

I would like to fire one of those sandbox pistols.
I just saw, fondled, and dry fired one for the first time. A guy at the gun club was being chatty in the lobby, asking about my PPQ. After a minute, he said, "check this out", and handed me a Caracal C.


The trigger is REALLY close to the PPQ's, the ergos remind me of an SR9 with more front-to-back grip distance, and that thing sits as low as my SR9c! I am IMPRESSED.

I'm about to burn rubber up to the place he bought his. They're the only guys who have them in this area. I probably won't get it for a couple weeks, but... I am definitely getting one!
He said he paid $440. We live in Oregon, where there is no sales tax. I'm not sure if he included sales tax in that price quote, or not. Based on what I saw, I would have no problem paying $440 plus tax. For that matter, I'd pay considerably more.

I put down rubber on my way up to Brightwater Ventures, in Vancouver, WA to check out their stock of Caracals, and to test my willpower. As luck would have it, they're closed today.

I'm not sure how I feel about them being closed. On the one hand, I was bummed that I didn't get to check out the F, and handle versions with the quick sights. On the other hand, I spent the drive up trying to think of ways to tweak my budget so I could get one today, and trying to come up with some way to explain to my girlfriend why I need a Caracal C. Neither endeavor felt like it would work out, but I suspect that I'd have broken down and brought one home, if they had been open.
I keep seeing under $400, yet people keep paying over $400. The tax thing might make sense. Where are they under $400?
starting to turn blue from holding my breath waiting for the 40 cal and 357 sig versions to be imported.

I've never even seen a Caracal in person but they seem to have all the attributes one would want in a modern poly pistol: good ergos and trigger, low bore axis.

I've owned all the other pistols mentioned here (substitute Walther P99AS for the PPQ). I currently carry a Glock 32 on LE duty and love it, previously carried the issued G22. The P99AS had an awesome s/a trigger and was extremely accurate. Pie plate size steel at 60 yds were easy pickings. Cons- Mine was 40 cal and the recoil was pretty snappy making for slow split times on follow-up shots. It is a lighter pistol than a Glock with a higher bore axis. Prolly GTG in 9mm.

Steyr M357-A1 and M40. Very soft recoiling pistols with a short reset about like a Glocks but not as positive. Accuracy about the same as Glock- not nearly as good as the Walther. The 40 cal feels like a 9mm in most other pistols. I actually prefer the ergos of the older M series to the M-A1 but you can't mount a tac light on the older version. My buddy wanted the 357 real bad so I no longer own it.

I like 40 cal but I like 357 sig better for duty carry. I have a 40 conversion barrel for my G32 though. I have nothing against 9mm but I get 40 brass for free and only reload for that for practice rds.

If the Caracal F in 40 or 357 ever appears in the U.S. I'd buy one sight unseen. BTW, there's a lot of info on the Caracals at since they are first cousins of the Steyr pistols they have their own sub-forum.

Man... buying one of these sight-unseen is safe money. I assumed as much before handling one (based on reviews from Military Arms Channel, plouffedaddy, etc) and multiple glowing testimonials on forums. Specifically, because of the consistency of what all of those sources were saying: great trigger, strong ergos, NATO and German police tests completed, independent third party testing, great bore axis and minimal felt recoil, etc. Every single source basically reiterated the same things, over and over. The only fails I have seen with them were specifically involving mud submersion (MAC/Sturm, and another lesser known reviewer both did it). I've seen lots of video of them being fired wet and/or underwater, including a lot of underwater rapid fire.
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