G26 Range report

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Dec 26, 2002
My new G26 went to the range today. I brought along my G19 to shoot along side it. The G26 worked like a champ. Ate Winchester white box 115 gr FMJ, CCI Blazer 115 gr FMJ, Federal Premium 124 gr. HydraShok and Speer Gold Dot +P 124gr. Not a single FTF.

My G19 feels like a full size in comparison. lol

Had good groupings at 7 and 10 yards. The G26 is a definite keeper and soon to be my CCW.

Gaston did it right with the G26!!!:D

I agree!

I just went to the range today to try out MY new (to me) G26. What a great little gun. It's the first Glock I've owned or even fired, and I love it. It's accurate and, so far, reliable. I think I'll be using it for IDPA mathces, as well as for concealed carry when clothing permits. When clothing doesn't permit, I'll be carrying my S&W 642 snubby.
Hello. The G26 has done precisely what I hoped it would do when I bought it: be reliable with a wide variety of loads and be reasonably accurate. So far, it's never malfunctioned and groups well.

I love my G26. I've noticed that it feels a little awkward in the hand when I'm just holding it, but when I start shooting it doesn't feel awkward at all. Unusual phenomenon, I guess, but a good one. Superb gun.
Love my G26. Ten round magazine for concealed carry and a fifteen round G19 magazine when on the nightstand. I shoot it as well as any of my other handguns.
Great choice. My G33 is my Every Day Carry and is easy to conceal in a Tagua Slider for OWB or a Galco horsehide IWB rig. I carry mine with the 8lb NY1 trigger and couldn't be happier.

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Congrats on the G26! You will love it and it will serve you well. Mine is my favorite semi-auto carry gun. My G19 ended up doing safe duty after I got my G26. It is truly a gun that does it all.



You can give a particular gun no higher praise than to count on it with your life. The Glock 26 is my constant companion and I have absolute faith in it's reliability and accuracy.
Kind of off-topic, but does the Glock 33 (.357) have a fully supported chamber? I was looking at buying one of the sub-compact Glocks just because they are so small and lightweight with such a high ammo capacity. I already have a P2000sk in 9mm, which I love, and I used to own a Glock 27. I don't like how the .40s&w Glocks don't have a fully-supported chamber like the 9mm Glocks do. But what about the .357 Glocks?
I've complained here and elsewhere that the 26 is a little blocky when carrying but I have to echo what everyone else is saying. It's just a wonderful pistol and it IS superbly reliable. It was my first 9mm and is the one i'd carry for sure if i knew I were headed out on duty. I trust my carry guns, but I have absolute faith in my Glock 26.
Lol... I didn't notice it was a zombie thread when I saw it the other day. Good to see the facts still remain true today.

As far as the 357 Glocks go, yes they are 100% supported. My G33 barrel fully supports the case 360¤ where my G23 does not.
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