Carbine guys: Ruger PC9 or Beretta Storm 9mm ?

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Jun 1, 2004
Sonoran Desert, Arizona
I have the hots for a defense carbine and I like the idea of 9mm +P with hi-cap mags. I have no interest in long range shooting nor hunting... just plinking and defense use.

I'm considering Rugers PC9 and Beretta CX4Storm in 9mm. I prefer the looks of the Ruger and the feedback I've read on the PC9 is excellent indeed. Plenty of Hi-cap MecGar mags available for the Ruger and reliability is said to be flawless.

I know less about the Storm and think it's looks are a little too "outer space-tactical" for my taste, but if it has significant advantages over the Ruger, I could be swayed over to it.

I would appreciate hearing your experiences/thoughts on the choices... thanks...

The Ruger:

The Beretta:
DHart, I found a revew a while back on the web that compared the Storm, PC-9, some kind of cheap 9mm carbine, and I think there was one other gun involved. I'll see if I can find the link but if you poke around on Yahoo, using PC9 or PC-9 as your search term you might be able to find it. If I recall correctly the Storm was the overall winner, but they (whoever the reviewers were) also liked the PC-9 alot. I'll see if I can track it down for you.

Scratch that... I was able to find it quicker than I thought so I'll just edit this post and add the link. Here you go. I hope this helps. BTW the other 9mm was the "Hi-point"
I have no experience with either, but you may also want to look at the Kel-tec Sub 2000 offerings.
I've owned a PC-9 and currently own a CX-4 Storm in .45 ACP. The Ruger was reliable but kind of on the heavy side. Also thought field stripping was a pain. Guess if I had to depend on a carbine for duty use or SHTF survival I'd chose the Ruger.

I like my Storm a lot. Excellent design - light weight, comfortable to shoot and easy to field strip and clean. I prefer it for a fun plinker or "normal" home/vehicle defense.
I've got a PC9 and an Olympic Arms PCR (AR-15 in 9mm). If things ever got ugly or if I wanted to compete, I'd grab the PC9 first, even with its heavy trigger. It's reliable and more accurate in my hands than the AR.
I had a chance to handle the Storm today and I must say it felt very nice. The trigger was pretty good as well. A guy in the gun shop said at his gun club the Storm is very quickly cleaning up during pistol-caliber carbine tactical stage competitions.... every week more guys are showing up with them and doing very well with them. I'm leaning toward the Storm at this point, though I'm sure the Ruger is a fine carbine.
I guess I'm probably the only gun guy around who isn't a fan of ARs, AKs, and .223, etc. But all I can say is I'm just stuck on pistol calibers, love pistol calibers, and never was attracted to ARs, AKs, and the like. I don't know anything about them and for some odd reason, I don't really want to. I don't know why... I'm just weird I guess! :confused:

Where in the PNW are you? I have a Sub2K in 9mm that you can try if you live close enough...


(Just outside Seattle WA)
I've fired two different 9mm carbines. I personally own a PC9 and a close friend owns a 9mm AR-15. Both are rediculously accurate and highly reliable.

His 15, however, needs that adapter in the top of the mag well and runs on uzi mags. Other than having slightly more parts, it's a great gun.

My ruger has a much heavier trigger, yet it's very predictable and easy to get along with. Hi-cap mags are readily available for the ruger and i'm sure they are for the Storm too, doesn't it run off of Beretta 92 mags? That should be a moot point.

If you like the more traditional and rugged looks of the Ruger, go for it. If you like the new age look of the Storm, have at it.
Paul... unfortunately, not close to Seattle (Portland area), but thanks for the offer... what is the Sub2k anyway, is there a website where I can see and read about it?

jobu... sounds like either carbine would be a fine choice. I've read on the beretta forum that the Storm has a nasty tendency to drop mags after some use and one guy there has come up with a fix... sounds like that's about the only possible downside to the Storm. I like the idea of the lighter trigger on the Storm and the possibility of being able to change calibers in the future. On the other hand, I like the more traditional look of the Ruger and I know the Ruger is a very well done rifle. The heavy trigger doesn't sound very appealing, but I'm sure one can adapt to it no problem.
Yeah, i've let some people shoot my pc9, and it's funny to watch. They take aim, flip off the saftey, and squeez the trigger, and squeez, and squeez, and squeez. Then they stop and look to make sur ethe saftey is off. And realize it is. And then they yank it a little harder and it goes bang. But, despite teh issues with heavy triggers, it's really rediculously accurate. No complaints from me.
I don't know if my gun store guy was BSing me, but he wasn't able to order one in .40 for glock mags. Said something about them concentrating on making the SU16's.

Jobu, I get that same response from everyone that shoots it!!!!

Re the ammo costs: I shoot 9mm because it's significantly cheaper than .223, at least where I get it and for what I shoot. At Academy sports, I pay $3.68/50 rounds of 9mm Blazer vs. $2.99/20 rounds of .223 Monarch ammo. When .223 is slightly more than twice as much and not allowed at some ranges, the choice to go 9mm is pretty easy for me.

I have heard repeatedly that the Kel-Tec factory does indeed make their products in 'batches', so it is very possible your dealer was being straight with you. Waits of 3-4 months are supposedly common for particularly popular configurations.

i think it depends on what pistol you have. only reason for a woefully underpowered rifle is compatability with pistol mags. get what matches the handgun(s) you own or intend to buy.

as a side note, when is ruger going to make a carbine to take their p90 mags? and when are they gonna put out a hi-cap .45? there is certainly plenty of room in the p90 frame.
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