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Apr 15, 2004
I'd like to add another option to my wardrobe. I'm looking for a carryable fixed blade knife. By carryable I mean IWB most of the time. Single edge to stay as legal as possible. Maybe a 4" blade this doesn't have to be a Bowie or anything. Open for suggestions.
I pondered this also.I went with the Gyrphon boot knife.It has a false edge on one side.I only ordered it last week so it hasn't arrived yet.Part of the reason for the delay is that the cutlery shoppe is having the sheath made for me.I wanted to carry left hand carry reverse grip.They don't always have the lowest price but are competitive and the service is great.
Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) Kasper-Polkowski Companion (the fixed model).

Runs $40, comes with an IWB and OWB sheath. Good utility blade and also built as a fighter.

One lives in my truck and sometimes on my belt.

I've carried it everywhere.
Thanks so far guys. I just signed up for a Janich class in May so I'm gonna hold off on getting anything until after it. If I can wait that long.
May is a long time to wait.You might like what you see at out "hardware" and "products"
If you want to get one of the CRKT Polkowski/Kasper Companions you should hurry because it's been dropped from the CRKT line. I've spoken with Al and Bob in the past and they were very pleased with CRKT's Companion (as CRKT was), but since companys are in business to make a profit, when any model eventually falls off it's numbers it gets discontinued. That's happened in the case of the Companion.

You should check on the local legality of carrying a fixed blade so that you can make a fully informed decision about what you carry. OK appears to be one of the states that carrying a knife of any blade length can get you into trouble (a handgun carry permit doesn't help). Here's the state law, but community specific laws may be more restrictive.
The Spyderco Perrin is a very good choice. You may be able to get a good price on one now, or you may not be able to find one at all I don't know, but I can assure you that it is a very nice knife, very light, good handle, and it cuts very well. If you want to carry it IWB you will need to get a custom sheath made. I ordered an IWB sheath from On/Scene Tactical, and have carried it IWB many a time. You would be happy with this setup, I'm sure.
I carry the Nimravus mentioned earlier in this thread. It's a very good knife. In fact, I'd say it's my favorite knife. It fits my hand perfectly, it feels great, and it cuts extremely well. The D2 tool steel is very tough stuff. I'd highly recommend it.
I've been pondering the same question. I haven't done anything about it yet, but I keep coming back to the Becker BK-11. I think it's got very good blade geometry and I don't see where it would be too difficult to carve a set of grips. Might even use some handsome wood for that. From what I've read it takes a very good edge and retains it fairly well and re-sharpens with out too much problem.
Just some thoughts from someone who has been up way too long today.
I picked up one of the CRKT Compainions of Ebay about a mounth ago for $22. It a very versatile set up. The clip can be placed at any of the four corners or it can be worn around the nick, but it is a little heavy for that. The handle fells good and the blade is a useable shape. The only problem I have with is that the belt slots cause my belt to get into a bind, but I'd rather use the clip anyway.


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I own a lot of knives, and given the legalities and my more urban lifestyle these days, generally do not carry fixed blades anymore. But when I went overseas I decided to always have a good stout fixed blade on me and I bought a Gerber Yari.

I found it to be a very good choice, reasonably well made, with a good sturdy IWB type kydex sheath (that I would sometimes wear left handed OWB during casual use). I wore it under my body armour IWB and it was very comfortable, the sheath is a wide type, rivets all around the blade, so it distributed pressure nicely. It was very affordable (I paid wholesale for it, ~$50, I think retail is around $75), but still good quality (I LMAO when we had a guy who was very sad when he lost his $350 custom knife). I found it most useful when we had a BBQ and I had to cut up whole chickens that we mis-appropriated from somewhere.

When I got it the grips were a not so nice grey colour (the ad shows a nice dark grip), so I soaked it in oil to darken it, then decided to wrap it in paracord (more to have some paracord handy rather than to make up for the lack of grippiness). But I like the almost double edge like blade with a good spine, and the indexing grip. The only thing I would change is a blunter pommel to make it easier to drive with a palm.

That being said, I was just thinking the other day, if many places forbid a fixed blade knife, is it legal to carry a folder open? I used to have a Gerber Parabellum that could be carried either way. Then you would be legal, and have a knife that did not need to be unfolded.


edited to add some more descriptive stuff about the sheath.
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