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Dec 8, 2008
Comments and some questions... I've started looking for a holster for concealed carry (for a P229). Thus far I have a Galco Concealable and a Fobus Roto paddle holster. I like the Galco because it carries the pistol closer to my body, and I tend toward traditionalism (guns should be metal, holsters should be leather, etc.). However, I think the plastic Fobus seems to release more cleanly. Paddle is easier to attach/remove, but I don't foresee doing that often during the day, so I doubt that's an issue. Also, I can see where the leather would eventually wear down the finish on the slide.

So -
- I'm curious about others' opinions on the matter of paddle vs belt. Looking solely at OWB types at this time.
- What's the consensus on which material is more wearing to the gun's finish, plastic or leather?
- Any recommendations on other types/brands I should try out?
I think paddles are uncomfortable and more vulnurable to breaking. A good belt holster can keep the gun just as close to you.

Plastic can scratch, leather can rub off the finish, take your pick.

From my personal experience, if you want leather I would go with Galco, plastic= Fobus. Safariland also makes good stuff.
The first money I wasted after getting my CCW permit was to buy a paddle holster. For convenience, they're fine. But for serious SD, they're junk.
They tilt, slide, and shift, all without your asking them to.

My personal experience leaves me saying that the only good option is a form fit, IWB or OWB leather holster such as you can get from a zillion holster makers, lots of them really good.

My personal favorite has become the Milt Sparks VMII, and also the Axiom which is basically an OWB version of the IWB VMII.
Problem is, the waiting list is way too long, but the good news is that not all good holster makers have such a long backlog, and many make as good a holster as Milt Sparks.

As far as wearing the finish on a pistol; that's the reason why I no longer buy blued pistols for carrying. Every CCW weapon that I carry is stainless or is stainless coated with a black finish so that when it eventually wears, the stainless finish underneath will still be resistant to corrosion.
Your carry piece is a "tool", not a decoration to pick up and fondle once in a while and then put back on a shelf.
So choose guns for fondling, and choose different guns for carrying. The first category you can kiss every night before you put them in the safe, and the second category you just keep clean but don't worry so much about wear and/or scratches.
the fobus roto holster is horrible, for range use and especially for ccw, you need to deside weather you want kydex which i prefer or leather.

if you want a great kydex holster look into blade tech they make top of the line gear. i own many of their products.

also i prefer paddle easier on and off.
the Fobus Roto holster is just about the worst paddle holster for CCW on the market. it has a very specialised function...CCW isn't it.

on the other hand i have serveral Fobus paddle holsters for casual CCW and going back and forth to work. the one for the 229 carries the gun high and tight. my favortie paddle holster is the Comp-tac Settlable Cant hat i use for my 220ST, but it is about 3 times the price of the Fobus.

in leather, i prefer to stay away from the production holsters like Galco and Safariland. i think you get a superior holster when going with a custom maker like Sparks, Kramer and Lou Alessi. my favorite is the Alessi ACP which is his rendition of the Bruce Nelson Professional (Spark's version is the 55BN)
if you get the right paddle you won't have the problems the above poster wrote about, not only a good holster but the part that almost everyone overlooks, is the fact that you need a good belt too.
I can't recommend Crossbreed Holsters hightly enough...i''ve got their SuperTuck model for my XD and it's the most comfortable holster i've ever worn.

It's a leather backing with kydex around the gun. Leather keeps things comfortable for you and the kydex keeps it slim. Best of both worlds IMO. Plus it's affordable at around $55
I carry daily and much prefer the relative indestructible kydex jobbies. Raven Concealment, Comp-Tac and Bladetech are all good rigs.
I carry a Sig 229, concealed. It conceals as well as any other gun I have in a Comp-tac CTAC.

Before I bought that holster, I was not satisfied with how the 229 looked under a garment, so I did not carry it.

The P229 is a thick gun, so I looked for a thin holster. Now, it's one of my favorite carry combos. After thousands of draws, the finish on the slide has wear on some edges. But, the stainless metal is, of course, unaffected.

At this point, I only use CTAC's or Milt Spark VM2 style holsters.
So -
- I'm curious about others' opinions on the matter of paddle vs belt. Looking solely at OWB types at this time.
- What's the consensus on which material is more wearing to the gun's finish, plastic or leather?
- Any recommendations on other types/brands I should try out?

I always carry OWB because it is what I'm used to and not to mention confortable. I wouldn't worry about gun's finish due to holster wear; but if you must, then I've found plastic holsters to wear less on the gun than leather. I really like Blackhawk CQC Serpa holtser (similar to your Fobus but with active retention mechanism); it is cheap and works very well for me.
Here is an option for you. How about a kydex with leather lining? Never heard of it? Check out the Silent Thunder by Tucker Gun Leather. Mine is being shipped Monday. While there check out the HF1. I got mine yesterday!:cool:
It's a nine month wait now tho.:eek: Best holster made for OWB.
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