Paddle holsters, How you like them?

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When I'm working on the farm, I carry a g19 or 1911 in a blackhawk serpa paddle holster. They cost $30. The key to these holsters for me is a good sturdy belt. They don't ride as tight against the body as other holsters do, but I guess they're not really meant to be used as concealed carry holsters. This is the only paddle holster I've ever used.

I carry my CZ SP-01 in the paddle holster made by Blade-Tech and have found it to be a safe, stable, and highly reliable carry. A word about the CZ SP. It is all steel and weighs in at around 40 ounces - it is not a light pistol at all yet the BT paddle provides it an outstanding carry platform.
I picked up a Fobus paddle holster for my G21 the other day. Its fairly comfortable and would work for concelement if you were wearing a coat or long sweatshirt over it. The problem I have with it is that it does not grip my belt securly enough, so that about half the time when I try and draw the gun the whole holster comes off my belt. :uhoh:

Is this a common problem with paddle holsters or with the Fobus brand? Am I just wearing the wrong belt (its just a generic 1½ inch, casual pants belt)? Is the holster itself perhaps defective in some way? :confused:
I love my galco paddle and it's okay for concealed carry - not perfect but better made than uncle mikes or similar products
mdauben, I do not have any problem with either holster (Bianchi or Fobus for G22 and G35) coming off with draw, but I do shove the paddle in the pants and not directly behind the belt as I've seen some do at the range. Last month I did order a belt from that is hefter and thicker than my other belts. (The belt is great, by the way).

I do not have any problem with either holster (Bianchi or Fobus for G22 and G35) coming off with draw, but I do shove the paddle in the pants
Yeah, me too. After all, that's the way it's supposed to be worn. Anyone wearing it with the paddle outside their pants doesn't know what they are doing. :rolleyes:

After fiddling around a bit, I think it was the belt I was wearing. It was an old belt and a bit curled at the edges. I bought a stiff new belt, and the problem seems to have gone away.
I have several paddles, most having been purchased used.

I have a Fobus paddle for a small auto and don't really like it. It just seemed cheap and fragile. I had an Uncle Mike's kydex paddle that I hated so much that I gave it away. The Fobus isn't any better.

I have Safariland leather paddles for two different mid-sized or compact autos. These holsters are quite nice and lined. The leather is heavy weight and thick. Great for the range and nice and adjustable for your preferred level of "retention". But for way. Just too bulky and the piece sticks out way, way too far in these.

I have a CompTac in kydex for a small auto that is quite nice and very secure. Terrific for range and for training exercises with lots of drawing and reholstering. Not terrible for CC but, like all paddles, not terrific. If you want to go Kydex, I would go CompTac in whatever type of holster you are considering. As nice a design for a paddle as there is and far superior to the Fobus.

Finally I have a Kramer from my J frame Smith. The most comfortable paddle I have. The leather is pretty thin but stiff enough and the boning around the gun is really pretty good, as you would expect from a higher-end maker. Not nearly as secure as the CompTac for rolling around in the dirt during training. I use this one for carrying the J frame around my property.

Every paddle I have ever tried makes the piece stick out too far for what I prefer in CC for town. They are fine for training, range work and open carry.
What about the holster that have loops that snap onto the belt? These would serve the on/off carrier but do they work well? Any down sides? How do they compare to regular OWB holsters?
i like my pancake from:

"simply rugged" makes a nice all leather pancake holster. i have one for a large frame revolver that carries it nicely, they make the for autos too and are custom made for each model. they have in IWB and OWB version.
Price and taste

As with lots of things in life, holsters are largely a matter of price and taste. I'll just pass along my personal experience. I live outside the U.S. in a super high crime rate country. I work with a Jacket and tie, and carry daily. I am an on and off guy all the way. Because of tropical weather I remove my jacket and Gun, when inside my 2 workplaces. I use Fobus paddle holsters and they really work for me! sometimes I have to "feel" the gun through my jacket to make sure it is there. Of course there are better holsters, but these work! take it from a guy who has carried daily for the last 15 years.
In the winter, I love my Fobus for my M&P, and in the warmer months I keep the gun in it to protect it some. If you live in cooler weather it's good, also like it when I'm wandering around the woods or at the range. Opt for the Roto paddle if you can. Prices aint too bad either.
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