Paddle holsters, How you like them?

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Jun 5, 2009
I always looked at them and figured they were more of a Open carry type holster or a Service type holster. And wouldn't be a good fit for me.

But looking at them carefully i may have been misjudging them.

Since ive never used one and the directions said very little in how you wear it im guessing the paddle goes inside your waistband, Does this require a tucked in t-shirt to keep it from rubbing your skin above the beltline?

I saw Fobus and Uncle Mikes both and each had different attributes i liked.
The Fobus was slightly padded behind the paddle, But it was about straight forward as it gets and had no adjust-ability.

The Uncle Mikes paddle looked a bit uncomfortable with no padding and just kydex against your body. But it was extremely adjustable and even had a belt retention system that replaces the paddle if you want to wear it that way.

Questions will be numbered as i have so many.
1. Are they comfortable?
2. Does the Fobus feel better when worn over the Uncle Mikes since it has no padding?
3. The Uncle Mikes adjust-ability make it a more usable holster to you?
4. Other company's make these that may be better than what i mentioned but still in the same price point? $30
5. For OWB carry i usually use pancake holsters, Do you find the paddle holsters more comfortable?
6. Do the paddle holsters conceal better than the pancake holsters by pulling the gun closer to the body?
I always looked at them and figured they were more of a Open carry type holster or a Service type holster.
You hit the nail on the head with that statement....
That said, I did see one paddle holster that was designed for "concealed" carry and incidentally its made by one of my fav holster makers High Noon

They are the "Spanky" or "Speed Spanky" they are high ride, adjustable cant with a very innovative paddle.
paddle comparison link
ok for range duty or open carry. Love the easy on easy off ideal, no way to be used as ccw. I've tried 3 different ones and all are way to bulky for concealed carry, save your money. Pancake holsters hold gun closer to body than the paddle ever will IMO.
Thanks guys, You just saved me $30-$60 as i was gonna buy two of them for separate guns to be worn under a jacket. I only carry concealed if i have a weapon on me so most likley id never have used these holsters.

Ive been getting by on some lower end holsters that ive modified and strengthened with leather or made from leather myself. I never invested in a higher end holster as i never knew what guns id be keeping and carrying.
I figured i should look at more options in case i missed one.

But now i think its safe for me to buy a great 1911 holster, Mine are good just not great.
First will be my Uncle Mikes 1911 pancake i reinforced front and rear with leather, I find it to be a good holster for what it is. But its no custom molded 1911 specific holster which my gun and I deserve. I do carry it IWB but i use a leather holster i made but that wont see much use until spring so i have time to work on that one.

My subcompact uses the same type of leather reinforced Uncle Mikes pancake and a Kholster for IWB which i wont replace as its a really good holster for what it is. But after another year of ownership of this gun and i know ill be keeping it ill upgrade its pancake holster also. Its an XD SC .40 and im not sold on the .40 and may move to a 3" 1911 but thats a whole differant thread. And tbh i know all the answers its just a matter of buying a high enough quality 3" 1911 that reliability isn't an issue.
Or i may just stay with my XD and thats fine also.
Nah, Im a strap it on and go out and i take it off when im done and at home and ready to get into my comfy house clothing, Shorts and t-shirt.
So i only holster up and take it off once a day, So that really wouldn't fit me too well.
But i can see how it would be much easier to use like that tho.
I think for $17-$20 the Fobus Compact holsters are pretty good, I have one for 1911, Glocks, H&K USP, L,K&J frame Smiths, and Taurus 85. The compact line in the autos holds the gun close and in the winter they cover well with just a pull over or light jacket.
I also have a Galco leather holster with the syntetic/plastic paddle but find that the paddle is uncomfortable.
I'm not putting down good leather and I like and own some and love to wear it, just saying that for the price and simplicity the cheap paddles are worth having around as well. I am an on and off guy because of my work so it makes me lean that way more.
I do not trust the Fobus pistols; their construction has proven suspect in the past. I am quite fond of the CompTac paddle, and that's one of my two standard holsters (the other being a Minotaur OWB).
Some good info to think over guys, Thank you.
Im definetly not and on and off type guy, With the one exception of entering buildings that exclude ccw carry. But i try and plan around that and wear a holster i can reinsert my gun pretty easy.
I keep an both IWB and OWB holster for each ccw gun i have, Which is 2 atm.
A 5" 1911 which sees 80% of my year round carry, I just love that gun.
And an XD SC .40 which is im summer and "Must be hidden" weapon.
Im adding another pocket pistol as i miss my old Sig P238, But i have only one way i carry that in a leather covered Desantis Nemisis.

Why i mention all that is i have most area's covered no matter how i need to carry a weapon. But since my 1911 is now a permanent addition in my rotation i want as many options for carrying it, But also i think its time to upgrade to some higher end leather rather than buying different types of holsters as the paddle types were the only ones i haven't tried yet.

I knew nothing about paddle holsters as you can tell, I had to read the directions in the store just to hopefully find out some info on how its used.

If im gonna be taking a gun on and off and doing repetitive tasks with bending ill be using my pocket pistol as thats one of the reasons i wanted to fill that option again.
Sure buying a paddle holster would allow me to do that with my current guns, But i want a Kahr MK9 which can live in my back pocket and do what a paddle would with my others.
Plus i get another gun and not more holsters.
I like El Paso Saddlery, they have some nice stuff, check out their website for some real nice stuff.
Oh i did, I research most of my purchases pretty thoroughly as i visited their site and the web for reviews of that holster also.

Just this post about the paddle holsters i almost bought impulsively before researching and decided i better go home before spending money and ask everyone here about the paddle holsters i was looking at. So if you think about it i got the new holster for half price as i didn't waste money on another holster id most likley never use.
This one i know i will as all my OWB holsters are pancake style.
If you decide to look at paddle holsters in the future, for ccw, look at the Galco holsters and the Wild Bill's holsters. Much better than the Fobus or Uncle Mike's you're looking at.

If kydex is your preference, look at Comp-tac. (Blade-tech has great holsters but Comp-tac is the better paddle holster.)

Safariland has a paddle holster that is adjustable and you can use the same holster for multiple firearms. Actually you can interchange a belt attachment or a paddle attachment. I have the older version where the paddle is a bit thick - which is very comfortable/secure. I use these for IDPA competitions.
On that type of holster you can run your belt to the outside the holster. It will really snug it up almost like IWB . Try it like that and let us know what you think.
I think for now i may pass on paddle holsters, But may try one in the future for my SC XD.

BossHogg- Are you speaking about the EPS OWB? I think so anyhow.
Ill give that a try as ive read the reviews about it saying its not the closest hugging holster with small 3" guns. Mine is a 5" so i think it should be fine.
But your right it would hold it closer if i run the belt outside, But with it so close to my body as i wear tight jeans and belt it may be uncomfortable.
But i will try it both ways as depending on my cover garment it may need adjusting like that.
That's how I carry my Star PD, 45 cco size pistol. It's top heavy with 45 above the belt.
When you go outside holster it holds it tight,other wise it leans out a bit to far. It's a nice holster you will like it.
That is a good point tho, My leather reinforced and covered Uncle Mikes pancakes ride alot lower and pull the gun in tight even tho they are belted from behind.
I read its flat on the backside so it should lay flat and have no pressure points, If thats the case it may be even more comfy as i like to feel my gun against my side as i can feel it i know its secure.

I have to admit i was just kinda dream shopping and ran across the holster by accident.
So i checked the rest of CTD's holsters and they have a very nice Bianchi just like this one for a buck or two cheaper.
I had to check ebay as i would be a prudent shopper without checking them. I found a slider/pancake with no thumb retention for $25 shipped. Looked very nice with thick leather but no thumb retention kinda bothered me thinking the gun could push out while sitting. But the biggest being no thumb retention could let the thumb safety move and even let the hammer fall if by 1 in a million chance i still didn't like that thought.

The reviews on the EPS is what sold me.
People saying how "thick" the leather was and such high quality and perfect fit and being lined. For $50 i couldn't see how i could go wrong.

Hopefully my gun will be here when the holster shows up. Its at the refinishers and should be complete any day i hope. I knew if i was gonna have a gun with so much money invested in it i needed to show it some respect and get it a real holster to live in.
My other one worked fine, But cobbled together holsters just aren't classy, Just functional.
Bulky, not for CCW, and don't really stay in place well enough for running or grappling. Also I've seen a video where they can be broken by an attacker trying to secure your sidearm.

However, more comfortable than IWB for 'casual' wear around the house or doing yardwork with a light jacket rather than IWB.
I have both the holsters you asked about for my sig.
I like the fobus for the padding on the paddle. But you can't get the gun removed as the holster is to tight. even with the screws very loose.
I like the uncle mike as you can remove the gun a lot easier. And the thing is more user friendly. You can change it to what you like.
Both are easy to remove from the body compared to a belt holster.
I have started to wear inside the pants for all my carry needs as it works very good.IMHO
I have a Bianchi paddle for my G22 and love it. It's comfortable and forget I have it on. I recently purchased a paddle Fobus GL2 for just range use for my G35. (Much less expensive than the Bianchi). Carrying at 3:00 / 3:30 with the Fobus, the butt of the slide and sight ride under my rib cage. Sitting is impossible. That just drives the slide under my ribs. Maybe the adjustable (Roto) type ride better, but the GL2 is not comfortable for me. Generally I prefer the paddle though.


I have the basic Fobus paddle (GL2)? holster for a Glock 19 I find it vary comfortable, surprising for a 20$ holster. It also conceals decent under light cover garments. With the Fobus I have to tilt forward then draw give it a whirl
I have used a Fobus with two guns, a G22 and a Ruger SP101. They do the job, just fine....However, a while back I discovered the Galco Speed Paddle and bought one for the SP101. I like it better, because the paddle is a tad smaller. Plus being made out of leather, it does not scratch up the gun like the Fobus did.
If you wear gym style shorts or sweat pants around the house as "comfy clothes" a paddle holster can be nice as you can wear it with these as long as the drawstring will pull tight enought to be comfortable and support the weight of the gun and holster. granted it wont be easily concealed but it works. I have a serpa paddle holster from blackhawk that i think works great for open carry.

I carry a CZ P01 in this Blade Tech paddle and it works exceedingly well. This CZ is a large pistol (40+ oz) and the paddle distributes and holds the weight effectively near my body. Recommend this paddle holster highly.
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