Charter Arms Bulldog owners...

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Dec 24, 2002
Colorado Springs Colorado
Jees a little embarassing:eek:

I had posted a while back asking what could be wrong with my Bulldog because one day the cylinder latch stopped working and left me to pull out on the ejector rod to open the cylinder. The gun still worked fine but the release just stopped working. A minor annoyance but no big deal.

One or two other posters said something along the same lines, that the cylinder latch stopped working on their Bulldogs. I fixed it last night and know exactly what happened so thought I'd pass this along for the others.

Well the Bulldog is a light little gun and the recoil regularly loosens thing up and screws have to be tightened and pins tapped back in place. We all know that. In my (over) zealousness to keep it buttoned up tight, I tightened the screw in the center of the breech face that the ejector rod pin locks into, which consequently would not let the screw come forward enough to engage and push the rod clear of the frame. A little fiddling revealed that 1-3/4 (ccw) turns from bottom is correct adjustment and allowed it to release the cylinder properly. It works great now.

I had a similar thing happen with my charter 2000 38 spl. The screw in mine was so easy to turn I had to use a little Lock-tite to keep it from turning. ( I would have to readjust the screw about every 50 - 100 rounds).

The screw in mine was easy to turn also...I thought about loctiting it but was unsure if anything would go boing inside and prevent me from reinserting the screw.

You got the screw out and back in with no trouble?
Removing and reinstalling that screw was not a problem. Be very careful about removing the screw on the latch (on the side of the frame) as it has a small spring and follower pressing against it. It is a real pain to reinstall.

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