CHL Holders...your top 10

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10mm 1911 OWB
10mm 1911 Shoulder Holster
Sig P239 OWB
.357 386PD OWB
Bersa Thunder .380 in pocket.
10mm 1911 Off Body carry (day planner style). Hate that one, but have done it a couple of times.

IWB doesn't work for me at all.
S&W J Frames

SIG 239 228 229

Ruger SP 101

Glock 26 19 30


1911 Government or Commander(and none shorter)

All IWB strongside.
Thank you Alduro! Finally,

a thread that actually provides enlightenment as well as entertainment.
My humble contribution:

1. S&W 340PD, DeSantis Nemesis or Don Hume pocket holster.
2. Kahr PM9, same Desantis Nemesis as above (actually a G-26 style)
3. Para C6, Milt Sparks Watch Six IWB
4. Glock G-23, High Noon IWB
5. TBD...maybe G-26 or -27, maybe PM40 or P45?
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Pocket: S&W 642 (.38 Special), Federal or Winchester 158-gr. LSWCHP+P, Uncle Mike's pocket holster w/Bianchi Speed Strip

Belt: Colt Combat Commander (.45 ACP), Golden Saber 230-gr. JHP
Blade-Tech kydex holster w/spare magazine in Galco leather magazine carrier

Nightstand: S&W 686 (.357 Magnum) loaded with above .38 Special+P round
(revolver kept in Gun Vault w/various speed loaders at the ready)

Everything else CCW:
Colt Government Model
Glock 23, 19 or 17
S&W 3913
S&W Model 13, 65 or 19
Browning Hi Power

I'm partial to 1911-style pistols for self defense but also appreciate S&W double action revolvers and Glocks.
Here is my CCW lineup:

Glock 29 10mm in a Comp-Tech C.T.A.C IWB holster
AMT Backup .45 ACP in a De Santis pocket holster
Sig P239 .40 S&W in a KD Cochise IWB holster


Not that many, really.

S&W M37, usually in a DeSasntis Nemesis; occasionally in a Pager Pal or Uncle Mike's ankle holster.

Colt Agent, usually in a DeSasntis Nemesis; occasionally in an Uncle Mike's ankle holster.

Colt Cobra 4" in a belt slide OWB on R. side.

All the .38s loaded with either Rem 158 gr LSWCHP+P or Fed NyClad 158 HP+P

KT P3AT in pocket holster or loose; HydraShok HP or ball

Colt Commander in a belt slide or in a Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster. Speer GDHP 230

S&W M65 3" in a belt slide with light load 158 gr LSWC .357s

(Rarely) Browning HP in a belt slide or in a Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster. Speer GDHP 124

I have several other handguns suitable for concealed carry but these are the only ones I regularly pack.

Top CHL Guns?

Not quite top 10, but:

1) Makarov
2) Glock 19
3) 686+
4) 1911
5) SP 101 (3" bbl .357)
6) KT P-32
7) Z-70

Have to admit most of the time its the Mak or (for deep concealment) the P-32. Although if crime keeps going higher here in Houston, the G19 will likely see more time in leather.
Not in any paticular order. Just whatever Ifeel like carrying that day.
1. Sig 245 with Winchester Rangr 230 gr. +p's (same load with all my .45's). Sig ccuracy and relibilty in a compact package. MMC adj. night sights.
2. H&K .45c. Super accurate, touh as nails, always shoots, choice of DA/SA or cocked and locked trigger pull. Mepro nightights
3. G-30. My "rough use" gun. MMC adj. nightsights, Wolff recoil set up and, 3.5 lb. connector. Most of my other guns are two tones. Wear the Glock when the gun might get banged around. Like when camping, hiking, and so on.
4. Sig P-239 9mm. Bought it just to take advantage of 9mm ammo being cheap. Soon fell in love with the gun. Houge rubber grip and Mepro nightsights. Loaded with Winchester Ranger 127 gr. +p+.
5. S&W 1911 Sc. Best out of he box 1911 I've ever owned. MMC adj. nightsights, Tripp hardchromed slide.
6. MK40. My favorite warm weather gun. I've been reading Kahr quality has dropped. A shame. My little MK40 is a work of art. factory nightsights and wood grips. Has fired every single time I've shot. Is very accurate. Very size efficient. A little heavy but that's not all bad in such a small gun with a big punch.
7. XD9. Just a great shooting and ergonomic
handgun. factory nightsights, Wolff recoil set up. It doesn't like Rangers though so I feed it 124 gr. +p Speer Gold Dots. Another excellent load.
8. Sig 220. The best DA/SA .45 made. MMC adj. nightsights, houge rubber grips, fctory short trigger. A cold weather gun when I can hide it under a big coat. Super accurate, totally reliable, superb trigger, feels great in the hand. What's not to love?
9. Beretta 96G Elite. If it's cold outside and you can hide a full sized gun why not? The gun was sweet to begin with. I had it hard chromed by Tripp. Night sights. Had Ernest Langdon do a level IItrigger job and install a short trigger
for me. The difference in feel with the short trigger and the change in trigger pull are nothing short of incredible! mr. Langdon has a gift. A shame he got out of Berettas and Sigs he made excellent better yet!
10. CZ-75B. Everyone knows this is one of the finest guns made for the money. Hell it's made of steel and has a polymer coating that is super tough. It will shoot groups as tight as any gun I own. It's size makes it a cold weather gun also.
In addition these guns aren't primary carry but are usually with me when I'm carrying the above mentioned guns

A.. S&W 642. Mostly for BUG. usually cold weather BUG Just the best balance of light weight, easy carrying, non-snagging, shoot throuh the pocket if you have to .38 snubbie made. Excellent bang for the buck. If I had to carry it as primary wih 135 gr. +p Gold Dots I wouldn't feel under armed. Most confrontations are over in 2-3 shots at less than 10 ft. The little gun will do fine at these ranges. The lttle .38's have worked well for a long, long, time. hard to not like 'em.
B, KelTec P-3AT. Warm weather BUG. Also I can carry this in situations in which I couldn't get away with anything else. Yes I know the .380's not a geat carry round, But it bets the hell out of a.22, .25, or .32. Seveh rounds rapid fire into a bad guys chest and head would do the job I believe. I ue the Hornady XTP JHP in this gun. The only .380 that gets close to the 12 inch minimum of penetration of the F.B.I. criteria. No it doesn't get much expansion but the holowpoint will open some and even with mild expansion should give a better wound profile than fmj. Plus it is super accurate and reliable through my gun. The other JHP's in this caliber will mushroom better but usually pentration really suffers. But hey .380 is a compromise anyway you look at it.
1. Glock 23 with night sights in a Fist ultra thin kydex IWB holster at 4 o'clock
2. Glock 27 with night sights in a Fist ultra thin kydex IWB holster at 4 o'clock
3. Glock 30 with night sights in a Fist ultra thin kydex IWB holster at 4 o'clock
4. Glock 36 with night sights in a Fist ultra thin kydex IWB holster at 4 o'clock
5. Para Ordnance C-6 in a Fist ultra thin kydex IWB holster at 4 o'clock
6. Kel-tec P11 in a Don Hume IWB leather holster
7. Kel-tec P3AT in a nemesis pocket holster
8. Kahr MK-40 in a Fist ultra thin kydex IWB holster at 4 o'clock
9. Kahr MK-40 in a nemesis pocket holster
10. Bulgarian Makarov in an Uncle Mikes IWB holster

Haven't carried the CZ RAMI .40 because I haven't fired it yet. I GOTTA get to the RANGE!!!







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95% of the time it's a Kimber pro-carry. Strong side 4:00 in a Don Hume OWB.
A number of other 1911s on rare occassions in the same setup.

On days that I absolutely do not want to carry, I carry a Taurus 605.
G-22 Robar grip reduction Express Sights
Galco IWB

Why do you need 10 carry guns???? KISS
Merkin.Muffley said:
I'm new here - What's CHL?

CHL refers to the phrase Concealed Handgun License.

That out of the way,
I have been vacillating back and forth between large and small, 9mm and .45ACP, and single stack vs. double stack, for years.

The winner seems to be small single stack. The caliber is still being decided.

To that end, I usually carry either a Glock 36 or a Kahr MK9 Elite 98.

The Glock is carried in a Galco ArmorTek paddle holster and the Kahr in a DeSantis #2 belt rig.



I'm still giving careful consideration the the Walther P5.

Here is my list:

1. S&W 6946 in a OWB or IWB with a good JHPs
2. Kel-tec P11 (same mags as 6946) in a pocket or OWB or IWB with good JHPs
3. Kel-tec P32 in a pocket or IWB with good FMJ
4. SW40VE in OWB or IWB with Hydra Shoks for winter, HD or SHTF

IWB are all Highnoon Holsters, OWB are Bianchi or Highnoon and pocket is an Uncle Mike #4.



All ammo needs to be reliable in your guns period! :banghead:
Top ten? I wish I had 10. But in reality, I'm a firm believer in picking one or two, making sure they work, practice, and sticking with them. That said:

1. Kahr PM9 in a Nemesis pocket holster, Smart Carry, or Hidden Ally IWB--Federal 115 Hydrashoks
2. Kel-Tec 3AT in a Nemesis pocket holster, Smart Carry, or Galco USA IWB; Speer 90 Gold-Dots

The only other thoughts I had were picking up a S&W J Frame, maybe a 637 or 642, but I'm happy with the PM9 and 3AT now.
1) Kahr Mk9 in a IWB from K & D Holsters
2) Glock 27 in a VM2 milt sparks
3) Walther PPK/s in a Oklahoma State University Holster from Donner Gunleather
4) Kahr MK9 in a snake skin holster from K & D
5) Glock 27 in an OWB from K & D
6) Walther in a pocket holster from K & D
7) Glock 27 in Galco Glove Ankle holster
8) Sig 239 SAS in a snake skin holster from K & D (well I'm sure it will top the list when it comes in!)
1. Glock 19
2. Smith 2 1/2" Mdl 66
3. Smith 642

Repeat as necessary to get to 10!!:p
regular clothes, while wearing jacket/sweater or whatever..
**Glock 27 (subcompact .40)with the extended clip extension IWB 4-5 oclock by uncle mikes.

deep concealment while wearing only a shirt
**Glock 27 (w/o clip extension) left ankle by FOBUS

ultra deep concealment (e.g. wearing cargo shorts with slippers and no shirt)
**Glock 27 (w/o clip extension) in thunderwear (yeah baby!)

skiing, hiking, or going to bad places
**Glock 21 (full size .45) w/3 extra clips in a FOBUS OWB holster

gun range
**Kimber TLE RL stainless .45 with all the goodies :evil: and sometimes the Glock21
Seecamp LWS-32 in Uncle Mikes front pocket holster.

Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry in Kirkpatrick Leather with belt, holster,
and double magazine pouch.

Smith & Wesson 642 in a 31 year old Bianchi Leather IWB holster.

Smith & Wesson (old model) 60, same as the 642.

Smith & Wesson model 37, same as the 642.

2nd issue Colt Detective Special in a Bianchi OWB, belt holster.

.45 caliber SIG P220A, Mexican style~!:uhoh:

Springfield XD-45 ACP in the "GEAR" package holster, and double
magazine pouch~!:D
The nominations for CCW Duty:

Bersa Thunder 45.

Springfield XD Sub-Compact.

Glock 26.

SIG P-239 & P245.

Springfield Ultra Compact or similar compact 1911.


Snub nosed revolver .357 or larger caliber (3 inch barrel or shorter)

CZ 2075 RAMI.

Beretta Mini Cougars 8000, 8040, or 8045.

HK USP Compact

The nominations for CCW Backup:

North American Arms Guardian

SIG 232

Beretta 84/85 Cheetah

Bersa Thunder 380

NAA Mini-Revolver .22 Magnum


Kel-Tec P3AT

Walther PPK


J or I frame sized .38 or .32 Magnum Revolver
Summer gun is either Browning HP or the Sig 228 in paddle holster on hip. Dress gun is my Sig 230 in380. Winter gun is a HK USP 45 in a Wilderness Safe Packer Holster so I can hide it in plain sight. If I need to hide the gun from prying eyes I carry a Colt Officers .45 in a paddle holster or in a Pager Pal.
1) Kel Tec P11 9mm +P IWB in Mitch Rosen Workman holster
2) Taurus M85 .38 +P Ultralite in my own hand made IWB holster
3) Grendel P12 .380 acp in my own wallet style pocket holster rear pocket of my jeans.
4) Rossi M68 .38 +P in my own IWB or OWB on a gun belt (outdoors carry)
5) Ruger P90 .45 ACP in Milt Sparks summer special or OWB on a gun belt for outdoor carry
6) Ruger P85 9mm +P in the same Milt Sparks
7) My "always gun", NAA .22 mini revolver in folding "holster grip" always in a front jeans pocket
8) any of the first three guns in an Uncle Mike's ankle holster or a Phoenix Arms HP.22 in said rig if I got really, really desperate. I only carry that POS for plinking or perhaps a rabbit or something outdoors, really. I have a pocket holster I made for it, too, for a rear jeans pocket.
9) Taurus M66 4" .357 magnum in an Uncle Mike's shoulder holster, IWB if I was really desperate or OWB on a gun belt.
10) Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8 .45 Colt shooting +P++++ in an uncle mikes shoulder rig or OWB on a gun belt.

I have carried a contender in .30-30 in a shoulder holster under my hunting coat, but only because I was on the way to my deer stand in the morning. Coming home, I stopped for coffee at a convenience store with it under my hunting coat. If that lady only knew. ROF!

99.99% of my carry is the first three choices PLUS #7 cause I've always got that little mouse gun in a pocket.
I only have three . . .

1. S&W 340SC with Crimson Trace lasergrips in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. Current ammo - Winchester 145 grain Silvertip .357. This is my "always" gun, which I carry every time I leave my house, whenever/wherever it's legal, unless I have #2 or #3, below.

2. Glock 26 in Comp-Tac CTAC holster, loaded with 115 grain +P+ Speer Gold Dot JHP.

3. Browning Mk III HP with Spegel grips, carried in a Milt Sparks Versa-Max II. Ammo is Remington 115 grain +P JHP.
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