Civilian MP5 available today?

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In regard to Vector....

The topic of who makes good MP5 clones comes up all the time on here. I've experimented with two clone makers and both turned out to be completely worthless hunks of crap.

You can still find genuine HK94's on but you are going to pay a lot for one, usually $3k and up. There are no clones out there that I would trust, I would look at other options if you want a decent pistol caliber carbine.

My MP5 clone right now is a GSG-5 and I have put thousands of rounds through it with only a few ftf's and misfires. I took it out just the other day and put 200 rounds through it with zero malfunctions. It may be just a .22 but it's by far the best MP5 clone I've found yet.

If you want a decent MP5 clone in 9mm or .40 all I can do is wish you luck in your quest to find one.
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Yup I have resigned myself that the clones are not worth the hassle, you are very unlikely to find one that is even semi reliable, much less put together correctly and not scarred by tools marks and bad welds.
The HK-94's will be high as people buy them to add Full auto trigger packs or SBR projects,

The Vectors earn a Meh,

There is this one company called Special Weapons the make a clone, which if one is offered to you for sale you should run the other way.

Applies the same.
Ok, well thanks guys. I might try to poke around my gun store and see if they have the .22 one, as the review seems to warrant that one a look. As for the real thing.. well maybe one day H&K will bring the civilian version back.
well maybe one day H&K will bring the civilian version back.

Not going to happen for a couple reasons.

The first is that HK doesn't even make the MP-5 SMG version any more. They've switched production to the "plastic gun" SMG's.

And, even if HK did make a run of semi-auto MP-5's (HK 94) they couldn't import them into the U.S. That's why they disappeared all of a sudden 15 years ago or so. The law changed and they could no longer be imported.
H&K still makes the MP-5.
They no longer make the MP-5/10 and MP-5/40.

H&K also makes the UMP-9, UMP-40 and UMP-45 as a low cost alternative to the MP-5. The UMP sells for half the price of the MP-5.
you can't, not factory anyway. You need to get the HK USC first to get the receiver, then get real UMP parts to do a conversion and then do a paint job to finish the project.
Since it's polymer, you'd want to dye it to get it black instead of painting. It's far more durable than paint.

It's easy to do with a product like Rit Dye... ;)
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