Colt 4" stainless King Cobra price check

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Dec 24, 2010
Vancouver, WA
I just about fainted today when I walked into a LGS where a sizable portion of my 401k now resides :)

There, under glass, was a very minty Colt King Cobra 4" stainless gun. This one has only a very tiny holster rub on the right side of the muzzle, and I mean very tiny. It has a very clean barrel bore, very clean cylinder bores, times and locks up like a Hawaiian Hula dancer at the early show on Waikiki beach. It appears to be unmolested with no boogered screw heads or pry marks anywhere. I did not take a picture because my hands weren't steady enough for one ;)

I put a 24hr hold on it since the shop owner was ill today. Asking $875, I think he'll knock something off but probably not much. Since I was there last week and that gun was not out, my guess is the only reason I stumbled on it is because the owner was so sick Monday, they had the store closed.

I'm down to zero Colt's at this time and slowly winnowing my collection of 6" barrels down to what I like to shoot, which are 4" barrel guns. The King Cobra could be described as a grail for me, this specimen looks like it wants a good home. But I don't want to get hosed and overpay if these are more common than I believe.

So I'm calling in a THR lifeline, what think folks?

You are a discerning buyer and either by chance, skill, or environment have found many better buys than I have. So I will freely admit that my advice to you may be carrying coals to Newcastle.

All the same I don't find this deal overpriced in today's market in any sense and I feel that the KC should be a "don't miss" when given this chance. I feel it will live up to your expectations and there will be no more made. How could you lose? If you can knock 25-50 bucks off, more power to you. You just might regret drawing a hard line and walking away though.

P.S. What 6"ers do you still want to move? I'd love to hear about them and maybe more.
I should clarify, the 4" KC is grail, I had a 6" one and did not care for how it balanced, for me, sold that one and lost not a red cent.

I also had a 4" Anaconda which I stupidly, stupidly sold :banghead::banghead:.

That's when I connected the dots and realized a 4" KC could scratch the Colt itch. I found a few to handle but they were not in the sort of shape I cared to buy, and they were all in this ballpark price.

I'll go back tomorrow and really scrutinize this one, if its as nice as my precursory review indicates, I'll snag it.

My only trepidation is this LGS rarely, if ever, under prices a gun. They price fairly IMO. They also don't try to sell customers on guns. All of which leads me to ask myself if I'm overlooking something. The question is rhetorical of course, only I can answer my own self-doubt. We shall see.
Get it, but I'm warning you--these things are addictive.


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That's not a bad price at all.

I saw one at a gun show for $1000 a month ago.

Concerning barrel length:
I'm slowly drifting to the 3" & 4" models myself. Keeping one 6" 357 and one 6" 44. My 4" models are getting to ride-shot gun more often due to their practical size. Just the perfect barrel length IMO.

I say go for it!
bikemutt, if you decide to walk away from this deal... which I don't think you do, but if you do... I've been looking for a nice revolver to buy myself as a "coming home present" (second deployment to Afghanistan and all). Would you be so kind as to shoot me the contact information for this gun store if you pass on this deal?

Obviously, my recommendation is "buy it." Because if you don't... I will. :D
Rswartsell asked about remaining 6" revolvers, there are but two. Every time I suck it up, open the safe to say today is the day, I take one look at them and close the door. Close to flawless both, a nickel -1M 586 and a no-dash M-stamped 686.

I don't know but, I think its OK to hang onto a couple just because. I probably need help, lol.

If I could do certain parts of my life over again I would have certainly hung onto my 4" Colt Trooper Mk.V. The gun just felt and balanced right in my hand and the factory walnut grips fit me perfectly. If the King Cobra is like that for you then by all means get it and enjoy.
I bought a 4-inch King Cobra awhile back and it was right in the ballpark of what your LGS is asking. I would buy it if I were you, especially since it is a "grail" gun to you.
OK, I bought it! Pics.

I called to make sure the owner was in and then headed up, its about a 20 minute ride on the Interstate.

I really went over the gun, even brought my own snap caps. It has been used for sure, but I'd wager it rarely, if ever saw .357 magnums. It has been well taken care of and still feels very solid, certainly as solid as any of my S&W L-frame revolvers, maybe even more so. The only imperfect screw I found was the grip screw and it was still acceptable.

Money is tight right now because tax time is coming up so I put it on layaway and will make payments until she's mine. There were two other sticky notes with guy's names on the gun, backup offers. The owner let me have it for $825.

Thanks for the encouragement team-THR, I always appreciate your thoughtful and insightful comments. Here's a couple pics.



For a King Cobra, in that nice of condition, I think $825 is a really decent price. Great find!

nice pick up, I paid $850 for mine late last year........ picked up the 2 1/2" in a trade and couldn't be happier.......... very nice guns! Enjoy yours but be prepared to want another one. LOL
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I bought one a dozen yrs. ago from my wife's boss. He sent a KC just like the op, $300. Ruger P89. $450, AMT .45 Backup $375. I was not interested in the later two as they were overpriced, but the KC was love at first sight. I sent the others back via my wife to work the next day and asked her to ask him are you sure $300 for the KC and she didn't mix up the prices? Yes he said that is what i want for it. SOLD!
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