Combat Sig P226 magazine failure to feed

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Nov 26, 2011
Hey fellas looking for some ideas on how to repair a magazine on a sig p226. I believe it is only a magazine issue because I have 2 other Sig mags, 1 phosphate coated, and 1 standard. All mags are 15 rds. Only 1 of the phosphate coated magazines has a failure to feed.

Gun is cleaned after every use. Is relatively new. Kept in a safe with dehumidifier.

I have tried using Black talon hollow point, SXT Ranger, and white box Winchester FMJ. The Winchester FMJ has a failure to feed maybe 1 in 5 rounds while the hollow point Talons and Rangers about 1 in 3.

I have tried:
Cleaning and lubricating the magazine
Cleaning and lubricating the inside of the slide assembly where it contacts the barrel/chamber
Using a brass brush to clean the chamber where the bullets slide into
Using a mild abrasive to take off the rough phosphate coating along the edge of the top of the magazine.
I've swapped a mag spring from a known working magazine into the magazine that was not working with no success

When the magazine is able to feed a round its not a smooth action. You can feel it almost hanging up. Other magazines are smooth loading.
If I had a bad recoil spring the other magazines would not function would they?

Can anyone think of any thing else to try to repair this magazine?

Sig actually has already sent me a replacement which was kind of them but I would like to try and salvage this magazine thats failing to feed.
I would check for a bur or phosphate roughness on the insides of the feed lips, (where the cartride case rubs hard on the feed lips).

Perhaps a little polishing with 600 grit paper might help?

Yeah thats what I'm still thinking.... I'll try taking off more phosphate coating along the feed lips. I only took a small amount off along the lips.. but maybe a little bit more? Just wanted to explore all options before doing that. Since once I do it.. theres no going back.
I measured along length between the feed lips on both mags and they are equal. I used my metal ruler that i have for checking vehicle part tolerances.

I can't think of anything else?

I checked those slots on the magazine where the P226 clamps onto securing the mag and those are equal in size and length to the top as well. I was thinking maybe it was holding 1 magazine too low in the mag well.

I have no clue......
Try swapping the follower from one of your magazines that are known to be good. Just make sure you keep track of where everything goes back when you're done.
Swapped followers.. Still same issue.. Maybe the magazine feed lip measurements are off by 1/2 a millimeter and its too small for me to tell?
If it's a factory sig magazine, call the people at sig and explain to them what's going on. Tell them that you tried changing the spring, then changing the follower and had no improvement. They should be willing to help you out and at least send you a new magazine housing, if not a whole new magazine.

If it's mec-gar, call their number and explain the same thing. They make factory mags for sig, walther, beretta, and a few other brands and are equivalent to what came with your gun even though they aren't stamped "SIG Sauer".
Yeah they sent me a replacement that works flawlessly. They said they don't make the magazines.. So yeah gets mec-gar is the maker.

Mainly trying to make this one functional again so I have 3 magazines instead of 2. Also like tinkering and figuring out problems so i can do some of the gun work on my own...
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