Compact 9mm's

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I finally went to range and shot my new DB9. There was another guy there firing his for the first time.

First magazine both of us had a problem with one round. He had a FTE on second to last round. I had the first round double feed. After that niether of us had any problems. I had only FMJ 124 gr. He fired a several different brands of FMJ, not sure of bullet weights.

The recoil with 124 gr is stout - to say the least. Manageable but "stout". .40S&W and .45 felt like nothing after shooting the DB9. At first I thought was just me and a very long trigger. But even off of a bench rest was still 3-4 inches low at 10 yrds. Grouped very well but just off point of aim. May have still been me with a really long trigger. I staged the trigger to try and limit the effect of length of trigger pull but result was identical. Next time out I am going to try some 115gr FMJ and see if it helps accuracy. Size wise just enough bigger than the DB380 you have to have a pretty good sized pocket to put it in.

I've fired my friends PM9 with 115gr nd wasn't nearly the same recoil. Trigger seemed shorter. The trigger difference between the two is noticeable - I think mainly comes down to what personal preferences you have. Th eKahr has a better trigger, better reset. The DB9 is cheaper. Even if not more accurate with a different bullet weight at 10 yds for as a small CCW it will work well enough. (I still think some of the accuracy may have been me on the trigger.) Need more time at range with it. Reliabitiy with both the DB380 and the DB9 that I have so far has been really good. I know good number of people had bad experiences with early models of DB380. Mine was new this spring and they seem to have gotten most of the kinks out.

I also have a LC9. Not nearly as concealable in a pocket, equally as good in IWB/OWB, but a lot more comfortable to shoot compared to PM9 or DB9. Suspect is due to slide mass. Upside is it has a slide lock. Down side magazine safety and left side frame mounted safety. The frame safety is a little redundant - it has such a long trigger pull it doesn't really need mechanical safety. Some people may like it. I think the sights are pretty good on all three. I think I probably like the DB9 sights best. The front post is larger in size than they rear sights and makes it easy to focus on - for me, for others may not matter.

I carry both the .380 and small 9mm's. Prefer a 9mm personally. Carry the .380 when can't conceal anything bigger, or when I run. I will keep both of the DBs. They are cheap and so far have been realiable. I have no attachment to them and if they get beat up - I don't much care. So I will likely carry them more regularly - (after I get some more rounds through it anyway.)
The LC9 is pretty sharp. I don't believe I'd seen one, yet. I don't care for the manual safety, might have to remove that or glue it off or something. I'm way used to DAO on my P11 Kel Tec and Taurus snubby. Don't see where a safety on a DA gun is needed. Be nice with a Glock trigger, though.
Beretta Nano

Beretta just announced their entry into the Pocket 9 competition. It's featured in the Nov 2011 edition of Guns & Ammo magazine.

And Sig will have a 9mm version of the P238 HD sometime in the Q1 of 2012.
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