Concealing USPC

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Feb 19, 2011
SW Idaho
I am 6'2" and 210 lbs. I usually wear a button up shirt and no coat, jacket, etc.
Pretty sure I'm going with the H&K, not really looking at other guns at the moment unless with my restrictions it makes more sense to go subcompact.

How easy will it be for me to CCW with the compact frame? (i.e. Do I need to go sub-compact?)

What do you use to conceal under these conditions?

What position do you conceal at?

Do you carry extra mags? What do you use?

Thanks, brand spanking new at this, looking for advice...

The size of gun that you can conceal depends on how dedicated you are to carrying. For example, I know people who think a j frame is too much to carry. They'd never even try to carry a USPc. On the other hand, I know a lot of people who carry guns in the Glock 19/Sig228 or 229/P2000/USPc size range without any trouble at all. Hell today I carried a Glock 19 and a Sig 228 (at the same time) with a polo shirt and no jacket. It just depends on if you're willing to put in the effort.

You shouldn't have any problems carrying the HK USPc. The most important thing I've found to concealing is getting a good holster and a good belt. If you skimp here you'll have a difficult time hiding it and you'll be pretty uncomfortable while you're at it. I'd expect to pay around $100 for a holster and $50-100 for a belt depending on what you get.

If you're looking for deep concealment, I recommend belly bands or Smart Carry. These will leave no belt loops or clips for others to see if you have to tuck your shirt, but they probably won't be your every day holster set up as they are typically more difficult to draw from and aren't always as comfortable as a normal holster.

I've become very fond of appendix IWB (for me it's more like 12 o'clock instead of 1 or 2), and I think it is the best option from a concealment, in fight access, and retention. However not all body types work well for AIWB so you'll need to do a bit of experimentation. 4 o'clock (behind the hip) is a good second position especially when you can use a jacket to help concealment. You can usually hide larger guns here (as opposed to AIWB). One downside is that bending over will usually cause you to print.

For mags I usually carry two in my back pocket. Probably not the best way to go but it works for me. A lot of companies make mag carriers, but most tend to be outside the waistband which I don't feel conceals as well.

And finally, congrats on getting into the carrying world. Once you get the gun, find a good shooting class and learn to fight with your gun (not just something like a NRA pistol class, though that is a good place to start if you're new to shooting). Carrying the gun is important, but so is being able to use it effectively.
I've been carrying a USP 45c off and on for quite some time now and have no problems concealing it. I'm 6' and 230lbs and normally carry it appendix iwb or sometimes back of the hip in a crossbreed style iwb holster. It's just going to depend on your body type and shape how you carry. Like mentioned above the holster and belt will also help with that
I carry a USPc .40 and have for a few years now. Since I'm not a fan of IWB holsters, I use a Mitch Rosen President Express and wear it about 3 o'clock on my hip, and it's very comfortable. I know it sounds cliche', but it is comfortable enough that there are times when I don't know it's there. I carry a spare mag in a leather single mag pouch since I'm not a Kydex guy.

Echoing the recommendation to get the best you can afford regarding your holster, mag pouch, and belt. The belt is one of the biggest factors to carrying comfortably -- and discreetly -- so make sure you do your homework and get a quality belt. Using a department store belt will have you pulling up your pants, holster, and gun since most of those belts are not built to hold the weight of a pistol and other gear.

Congratulations on joining the ranks of the concealed carriers in our country, especially since you're in California. The USPc is a fine pistol, and a great choice for carry. I have not had any issues concealing it, and with the many options to carry now available, you should have very little difficulty finding an option that works for you. I'll see if I can get a picture and post my carry rig tomorrow when it's light out.
I carried a USP .45 full size for several years and will say use a GOOD holster. I like Mitch Rosen holsters but many other top brands work too. You will go through many holsters until you have one for any situation, I know I did.
3rd/4th the recommendation on not skimping on the holster and belt; no matter what you are carrying, it is only going to be as good as those two items allow.

Lots of people worry about "printing"... the gun showing through your clothes.

What I've found over time is that people simply don't spend a lot of effort scrutinizing men's waistlines in public. You could stuff an AR15 down your pants and 99% of the world would never notice. Printing is an overblown concern.

So, while a I do have an IWB holster for my Shield, 90% of the time I bother to put on a holster, I figure there is no reason not to go with a compact double stack. In my case, formerly a Glock 19, and now a CZ P07. Most of the time it is just a t-shirt or button down shirt over it. I'm sure the grip probably pokes out a little when I bend over. I no longer care, and neither does anyone else.
You'll probably want to settle on one of the "tuckable" holsters and stick with strong-side carry at 3:30-5:30 position. That's by far the most common (with appendix carry coming in next, probably.)

I carry a full size 1911 most of the time, and this is how:

With my shirt tucked in all that shows are the two leather straps which match my belt.

Here's a thread with "action" shots of how it works.

The gun, in the holster: (Now you see it...)


Open the belt and pants, tuck the shirt in, you don't!


(This always cracks me up.. I was checked out for injuries by an EMT in an ambulance after a rollover crash while wearing that gun and holster, and she didn't notice it! Now THAT's good concealment! :D)
She couldn't have done a good job checking for injuries LOL!

Thanks for the tips. I have a 1911, perhaps I'll try a rig for that. I like how it shoots!

I am 6'1" and about 185lbs. I have been carrying my HK P2000 (same size as the USP compact) daily for the last 8 o 9 months.

Texas is hot. 90% of the time, I use a smart carry cloth holster. I wear draw string shorts most of the time. This holster works great with that. Since the cloth holster wraps around your waist under your clothes, you don't need pants with a belt.

The holster is comfortable, and it's just straight cotton material - nothing tight or elastic like a belly band.

This would work well with draw string sweatpants as well.

Now that we are in cooler weather, I'm actually using a Fobus belt holster. The paddle holster is comfortable, as you don't have to tighten your belt really tight to hold up the weight of the gun. The paddle piece carried most of the weight on your hip.

So, I alternate between these two methods. I do have a kydex IWB holster for it too - but I've only used it 1 or 2 times.
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