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Curious about a FN Mauser 98

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by CrazyIrishman, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. CrazyIrishman

    CrazyIrishman Member

    Mar 17, 2004
    After a very long trade process that was delayed by the snows here in Maryland plus "other" problems at the FFL, I FINALLY have my Mauser 98 in hand!!

    I traded my Oberndorf Mauser 98 in 22-250 for a commercial Mauser 98 built or sold by Firearms International Corp. of Washington,DC

    The serial number is a four digit 31** without a prefix and on the RH side just above the woodline it has a tiny FN trademark followed by 1948. Just below the woodline and below the FN mark it says "MADE IN BELGIUM". The receiver is drilled & tapped for mounts and does not have the FN trademark on the front receiver ring. It doesn't appear a scope was ever mounted.
    On the LH side of the receiver it says "FIREARMS INTERNATIONAL CORP".

    After looking at the bolt face it appears that it wasn't shot much if at all. It barely has a ring left from firing. The bolt handle has a round ball thats flat on the inside facing the stock and is checkered. The safety is on the bolt shroud and swings sideways.

    I don't know what kind of trigger it has or even if its any good (compared to a Timney), but it does "work" . The trigger shoe has a high gloss on it but I doubt that can tell someone about it as I'm only familiar with a Timney trigger and not a stock unit.

    The barrel is a 270 cal. sporter weight and stamped 270 on the LH side but no other marks or open sights and the bore is bright & shiny with crisp rifling. The follower in the magazine has a jeweled finish instead of a polished finish.

    Overall, the bluing appears to be 95% + . There aren't any pits or rust that I can see.

    The stock is a standard monte carlo made from nice wood, but there aren't any marks or brand names to determine age. It has three small (about 3/8")round dots that look like inlays that resemble an ivory color. One "dot" is on either side of the forearm while the third is just behind the trigger guard but before the grip area. The buttpad is a Decellerator .

    Does anyone have more info on these Mausers and an idea of they are worth?



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