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Custom SAA

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by wildburp, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. wildburp

    wildburp member

    Sep 7, 2006
    Sunnyvale, California
    Just reviewed all the info earlier today about my SAA comments. Thank you all - a USFA pistol is in my future, maybe after I pay for some Randall knives I've ordered. About 10 (?) years ago I plopped down $4500 for one of the Interpol .45 revolvers sold by whom I can't remember. Built (Int 92 SA96968) in the Colt Custom shop at the time, it is a silver plated 4 3/4" bbl .45 heavily engraved revolver that replicates a historical pistol for some want to be cowboy in some museum in Paris, France. Unlike many Colts seen in recent years, the fit and finish are impeccable. One can discern the gentle taper in the barrel where it is flawlessly mated to the ejector housing. I think I am getting excited.

    The only flaw was the grips, which were fitted as an after thought because, I suppose, it was never meant to be fired. I noticed right away that they were loose (like my ex-and-only) wife. After applying a gentle screw driver, something broke. I discovered the grips (faux ivory - plastic) were for looks only; a silly screw was expected to hold the grips in place by going into an even sillier sliver of wood that split out when when the screw was tightened. The whole setup would make any gunsmith groan; I noticed for years afterward, they were still trying to sell the limited number of pieces produced. I remember when I wrote them about the problem, they sent me a few screws and screw receivers. Get screwed? I don't know, but I still have never have fired it. When I get a digital camera, I'll post a few pictures of my prescious, 'cause she sure is pretty, and she's never been screwed, unlike my only wife, who left me decades ago!

    Greg Blankenship - Sunnyvale

    Burping Wildly in Old California

    post scriptum - be careful with prepartions that keep screws from loosening - lock tight, et cetera - my experience with the strongest formulas some 40years ago was that a "gunsmith" could not loosen the screws to replace broken parts in a Colt SAA manufactured circa 1960. I think it may be better to stay on top of loose screws with a driver of same. Or it could be my x was not lying - she really gave the Colt SAA 7 1/2 " .45 revolver and Lawrence belt and holster to the "gunsmith" because he could not get it unscrewed. Try finding good Lawrence leather today. Oh, well
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