*** custom sks SKS Accessories ( what would you do if u had $500 to spend on a sks?

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Oct 4, 2007
winnipeg manitoba canada
*** custom sks SKS Accessories ( what would you do if u had $500 to spend on a sks?

if u had the $ and time , what kind of mod's would you put on a sks? plz post your ideas and pic's if you have

i would do this
The SKS 6 Position Car Collapsible Stock. $75.00
New SKS Rail Mount System $60.00
Clip on shell deflector $10.00
SKS recoil buffer $15.00
New SKS Gas Piston $25.00
SKS compensator, second generation, pins on barrel $20.00
SKS Bayonet Lug Mount Alluminum Bipod $30-100.00
SKS Tri Rail Scope Mount $35.00
Barrel Clamp Tri Rail $25.00
good Laser and Mount $50-200.00

3-9-40 scope $150.00 fo good one
tapco 20rd mag $30.00


But honestly, If I had $500 to spend on an SKS, I'd probably buy an AK. Is that an option in Canada?
$500 to spend... and you already own an SKS? How about keeping it pure the way it was intended and shooting it? Why pervert such a beautiful rifle? :barf:

Maybe spend money on ammo, remoil, and targets. JMO :)

Do not know about any of the other accessories but I have experience with
The SKS 6 Position Car Collapsible Stock. $75.00
and was NOT impressed and would not recomend it. IMHO poor quality constuction and low durability.

If you want it for a "safe gun" that is looked at frequently but rarely fired go ahead.

This is just my humble opinoin and as always I could be wrong.

But honestly, If I had $500 to spend on an SKS, I'd probably buy an AK. Is that an option in Canada?

Mr White and I think alike. I like my SKS very much but not that much. Cool is fine but I want something more for my money. JMHO:scrutiny:
What 4v50 Gary said.

If you want to get a hi-tech rifle, buy a modern rifle.

If you put all that junk on a SKS, you will still only have a $100-200 SKS but with lots of junk on it.
I think I came pretty close, if you include the initial cost, with refinishing the stock, Tech-Sights fore and aft, ventilated metal handguard and gas tube, Rifletech trigger group, Murray firing pin and return spring and a Tapco muzzle brake (that works!):


It's not tacticooled, though; it's pretty much just the original smoothed out.
I've had really bad experiences with accessorized SKSes, so I would say buy another SKS or $500 worth of ammo to shoot through it. Maybe some nice sights for it.
I'm with MMcfpd

I've spent way more on SKS's than should be allowed (but I've had a lot of fun) and go with a Rifletech trigger group and maybe a gas tube with a sight rail and some long relief optical or telescopic sight-if you really feel the need. I've spent enough on SKS bells and whistles to buy several SKS's and have come to the conclusion that the less they are tricked out the better they operate.
I own a few Yugo SKS's and have done the bubba thing to 1 of them. Everytime I look at it I cringe at the thought that I could have left the rifle alone and put the money towards my AR build up or a Yugo AK I am currently lusting over.....or that M1A I would like to have or the 1903......or about 7 Mosin-Nagants.......oops sorry I am back now.
Truthfully though, I know how it is to want to mod your rilfe the way you want to mod it and the money is just a second thought. Do what you want to it, just have fun doing it and be safe. But since you asked I would follow the advice of many others here. Add the Tech Sights, install the Murray firing pin, have Kivaari work on the trigger. Buy as much ammo as you can with the money left over. By the way, if you must replace the grenade launcher take a look at one of these http://brakes.ricksmuzzlebrakesandgunstuff.com/index.htm
I'd spend the money on ammo. Or, another SKS and ammo. I like mine the way they are, stock. I've wasted money on some of the "accessories", and came full circle and realized they are good to go as is. Tapco-izing one with that kind of money is the last thing I'd do these days.
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