customized glock 19

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Jan 24, 2004
cleveland tn
i just got back from the gun show today and i did a little trading i got a robar customized glock 19 that has the rear grip strap and the front finger grooves stippled and the trigger gaurd is now rounded and stippled as well . its one of the 3rd gen guns but has the 10 rounds mags with the older style extractor. does anyone know how much robar charges for this modification? does anyone else out there have custom work done to there glocks or other polymer framed guns? im going to try to get some pics up this week of mine thanks for any and all replies:cool:
I don't know how much the charge to do the work in your gun, but I've seen one of the so modified guns at a shop that I think was on commission... It was a G23 and had Novak Sights and it looked to be in 95+ % condition. They were asking $700 for the gun so assuming $500 for the base gun, $100-ish for sights, I'd guess probably $200 or slightly more for the work minus depreciation.

I must admit that while I don't have an issue with the ergonomics of the Glock 19/23 size gun, even with the 3rd gen fingergrips, I definately like the rear grip size 'reduction' and shape change.
Any permanent alteration to a Glock's frame will likely narrow the market for resale, and probably result in a lower resale value.
I wouldn't be too sure of that. If I could find a G30 with an actual Robar grip reduction, I'd snatch it up. With all the shipping and waiting, I'd rather pay for the last guy to have done it.

Now, if you do the reduction yourself with a hacksaw and a lit candle, yeah, the value might drop a wee bit.
well i took the glock out yesterday and shot the snot out of it:D i love the gun it fits my hand very well is very accurate and reliable . one of the mags i got with the gun ( both 10 rounders:banghead: ) has a pierce bottom on it that i really dont care for anyone know where to get regular ol' glock mag bottoms thanks for the replies:cool:
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