CZ 452 .22 LR Special Military Training rifle

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Big Bill

Dec 13, 2008
Today I put a new CZ 452 .22 LR Special Military Training rifle on layaway. I thought the price was right and it is a beautiful rifle. Does anyone have one of these? How do you like it? Here's what it looks like:

I'm excited to get this one. I've got 90 days to pay it off. I told my wife I am going to sell one of my other guns to buy it. So, now I've just got to decide. I don't want to sell the Henry H001. What to do, what to do?
If you'd like more indepth iformation concerning the CZs, check out RFC.
Why do they not just make one with peep sights

Exactly. Open sights are for shooting cans at 10 yards. Even good open sights.

That said, that CZ is one of the nicest .22s ever made. You will enjoy it.

What besides the H001 would you sell?

BTW what did the CZ run you? Was it new?
Mine cost $347.95 no tax. I just shot it today although briefly. Lots of snow here recently and I was in dress shoes standing in 10" of snow. I fired 10 shots, one missfire, but I have used the Remington 22Subsonic ammo before and that does tend to happen. Three shots at about 40yrds were touching and the other 6 were in a group to the right about five inches in diameter. Probably because I am right handed and it was hard to keep from shivering in 20deg weather, standing in snow with a good deal of wind. The action was so smooth, the rifle so well balanced, it was a lot of fun to shoot.

Don't sell the Henry, why sell a nice rifle to have another nice rifle? Keep it and just have nice rifles.

BTW, it was new.
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not the best at doin the pic thing. should wipe the gunk of the stock after I get done cleaning the rifle too.
Give the stock sights a chance. They are easily the best open sights I've ever used, not to mention very fast. That said, I'll admit I can print smaller groups with the ancient Weaver K4 I use (probably 0.75" versus 1.5" 5-shot groups at 50 yards).
Best rimfire ever made. I killed so many squirrels and other small game with mine I lost count. It's like a death ray. If I can see the squirrel, the squirrel is dead. Plus it handles like a mini Mauser.

Mine does best with full power CCI's, raw lead.

Exactly. Open sights are for shooting cans at 10 yards. Even good open sights.

Only if you have really horrible eyesight. The CZ's tangent sights are PHENOMENAL and give you way more flexibility than a mere scope. You can shift your zero on the fly. The CZ's sights are precision-crafted works of art alone worth $150 or more. They have nothing in common with the sheet metal tangents slapped onto so many other rimfires.
I love the CZ 452 rifles. I have a Silohuette, and a friend of mine has a Lux. His Lux looks exactly like your rifle. What are the differences in a Military Training rifle and a Lux?
I have one, after 300 rounds it is very accurate. You may have to free float the barrel and shoot it to break it in. You won't regret it.
How much was this "Lux with Beech instead of Walnut"?

Know what I REALLY want from CZ is "Lux 16" - simple as that - a 16" barreled Lux. One can dream.
Mine cost $347.95 no tax.

That's how much, the one with the longer barrel would have cost me $25 more. I hate the gold painted trigger though. The Lux would have been $399.
cz 452

the peep sight you asked available from CZ USA.......made for them by Williams.......and if CZ is out of stock...the same peep sight can be had from several clamps to the scope rains ......can be had with or with out target knobs
Excellent 22 rifles. You won't regret it. One of the better hunting 22 made these days. Bought a CZ 22 Military Training rifle about 10 years ago. Still have it, shoots excellent. Paid $199 for it new. A few years ago a local gun shop had a nice CZ Lux Walnut. For some reason I could not pass it up.

One nice thing about CZ 22 bolt action rimfires from an accuracy standpoint is they don't use the typical sloppy SAAMI spec 22 chamber. They are not only slightly smaller in diameter but they also use a shorter throat length. Basically a target chamber in a production rifle. Very similar to what Anschutz does with their 22.
If you really want to play with the CZ iron sights, pick up an old set of the BRNO front globe and aperture rear sight. Those change the rifle to an entire new beast. My CZ trainer is probably the best money I have spent in shooting. I got mine for $175 FTF NIB. Great buy and an amazing rifle. The beech stock isn't the prettiest but beech is tough and stands up well to field use, where this rifle is right at home.

For whoever asked the difference between the LUX and the Trainer, the wood on the trainer is beech and the wood on the lux is walnut. Other than that they are the same. The Ultra Lux had a longer barrel yet but those were a limited run thing.

Anyways I absolutely couldn't see getting rid of mine. I did bed it though, but more because I wanted to first try on a stock that wasn't of aesthetic value before I moved on to the prettier ones in the safe.

I also suggest completely disassembling the bolt for cleaning right out of the box. Mine was packed full of packaging grease and really needed a full break down. Other than that, the bedding, and using a lighter trigger spring mine has stayed fairly simple and works amazing. Shoots far better than I.
I'm pretty much doing the same things on my rifle. Have the bedding material, trigger kit on the way. I plan to scope mine though. Have a nice Leupold 2-7x33mm wide duplex scope, waiting for my Millet rings to arrive.
Exactly. Open sights are for shooting cans at 10 yards. Even good open sights.
I feel the same way. For everything but BUIS and dangerous game rifles (where speed is king), I find apertures to work better.

Nice looking rifle, and I bet it shoots even better.

I find apertures to work better.

7AM opening mourning of squirrel season..... in low light the aperture sights may handicap you, but they are the very best type of open sights out there!
As ROA said, the peepers can be had from CZ themselves or directly from Williams Sights, and several other sellers.

There cannot be enough good praises offered to the CZ 452 LUX, it is excellent in every way!IMO
What makes the military trainer different than the standard 452? Does anyone know how the new 455 is different?
What makes the military trainer different than the standard 452?
It is the same as the Lux but has a beechwood stock instead of Walnut (and $100.00USD less retail price)...that is the only difference that I know of.

Does anyone know how the new 455 is different?
Have't seen one but the only difference that I know of is the universal receiver that allows you to swap cartridges (.22LR, .17HM2, .17HMR, and .22WMR).

Thanks mav. 455 could be a winner. Do you know anything about the new semi-auto coming out this year?
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