CZ RAMI thoughts & questions

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May 22, 2006
Western Washington
Well I've got a few hundred rounds through my 9mm RAMI now. I was getting the occasional FTF (nose diving) early on, but I'm still not sure if it is ammo related or the mag springs or both. I've polished the ramp and I clean it pretty well after a couple hundred rounds. Seems to help.

I am very fond of this little pistol but I have a couple of questions that maybe some of you can help me with:

- I'd like to try some replacement mag springs but can't find any Wolffs.
Does anyone know of any others? I'm not interested in the 14-round mag. I
like the short grip and the way my pinky fits under the baseplate.

- I spoke with Monty at XS and the only sight set they have is the Big Dot
in tritium. I'm not a fan of tritium so I passed for now. Are there any other
aftermarket sights out there that fit the RAMI's slide dovetails?

- I'm curious as to why CZ included snap caps with this pistol. This is my
first CZ handgun. Are they more prone to firing pin damage from dry
firing than other centerfire handguns?

Thanks guys, I appreciate any help you can offer with my questions.
Thanks RNB65, I appreciate the thread pointer. I guess I'll polish up the internals and see how that goes. Other than that, I'll just shoot the heck out of it. I was just wondering if the RAMI was more susceptible to dry-fire damage. I'm still not clear as to whether that is the case on the newer CZ models.
I was just wondering if the RAMI was more susceptible to dry-fire damage.

Probably not. But snap caps are cheap and I always use them when I do much dry firing. Better safe than sorry.
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