DAK triggers: Better for small hands than standard DA/SA?

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May 16, 2007
Washington State, U.S.A.
Just a quick question for you SIG DAK owners: Is the trigger reach shorter on a DAK-trigger gun compared to a standard DA/SA?

I have small hands and find that the standard DA trigger on a 226 to be a bit long and heavy. I was also wondering if the DAK trigger would be easier to handle because of its lighter pull compared to the standard DA.

Thanks for the input.

DAK trigger pull is long but very smooth. It has a short trigger on it. They are slimmer than a standard P226 trigger.
I had a P226 with a DAK (still have a standard DA/SA 226).

Without measuring anything, the DAK trigger definitely felt better to me (I have small hands). As rellascout stated, it is a smooth trigger.

I will have to respectfully disagree with one of the above posts. The DAK models may have either the factory standard trigger, OR the factory short trigger. The reach to the trigger is the SAME as with the decocker models. This is not speculation on my part; I bought my first DAK, which came with the factory short trigger. I later bought a P229 SAS, which is a DAK model, and it came with the standard trigger. I also have a decocker P229, which came with the standard trigger. I swapped out both of the standard triggers for custom triggers, as I need either the short factory trigger or a custom trigger, the standard being too much of a reach for me.

Just to be clear, the SRT, Short Reset Trigger, is a different thing altogether, being internal parts that make the RESET shorter in the DA/SA models. An SRT may be equipped with either the standard or short factory triggers.

If you have smaller hands, or shorter fingers, it is the trigger itself that matters, not DAK, SRT, or "traditional" DA/SA.
As for the DA pull weight, yes, the DAK has a much lighter weight than the DA pull of the traditional DA/SA.
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