P226 DAK to DA/SA conversion

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Mar 17, 2005
Austin, TX
I got a P226R in 9mm w/ a DAK trigger a while ago. As a DAO pistol it's got a very good trigger. Problem is that the other pistols I train with seriously, P7M8 G34 and a Kimber, are all basically SA/SF. I just can't for the life of me get used to the DAO trigger pull. If I really settle down and concentrate I can get good hits, but even at close ranges (7yds and in) I have to work to get good hits.

I know mastering the DA/SA mode switch is even more of a bear then straight SA or DAO. However I can shoot the SA w/o any problems just fine, and with the same concentration I was putting into my DAK shooting I make good hits in the DA portion.

So is getting a DAK sig converted to DA/SA something one has to send the pistol off to Sig, or is it something a sig armorer can do locally? Do I get the parts back form the DAK job? I had a short trigger installed to try and help with my shooting DAK, will that be left in normally?


Yeah was looking at that. Really annoyed with myself since I paid an extra $60 something for the DAK trigger too, then $70 something for the short trigger. Might end up in the trading post soon <sigh>

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