Debur tool?

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Sep 14, 2007
I have several debur tools. Wilson, Lyman and Lee and an RCBS.

I never really thought about it, but just used whatever one I could find in the garage first.

The 22 degree.


Compared with the old standard 45 degree


Anybody ever seen a difference? I'm not just talking lyman, its just the first images that google produced, its the 22 degree angle vs 45 degree angle concept.

Anyone have any thoughts? I'm not a precision shooter, If I can get iron sights on a 4" group at 100 yards, I'm happy as a pig...... However, what if I was a precision shooter, would the angle matter?

I really like the VLD inside neck deburr tool. The sharper angle does a much better job of removing the raised burr left by the case trimmer. Case trimmers roll up this sharp edge from the trimming cutter and the standard 45* tool just will not remove all the rolled over edge. The VLD tool will clean up this inside burr and I don't have burrs scratching and shaving copper from the bullet while seating. I understand it's benefits using match bullets but I use it for all inside neck deburring.
Have you considered the RCBS three way cutter? It trims, inside chamfers and outside chamfers all at once. I've got one for 6.5mm and one for 308 and I love it.
The 22 degree angle vs 45 degree angle concept is irrelevant. You want to spend $44.95 or $21.50(which is bad enough) to do the same thing?
The Lee(wasn't from Lee when I bought it) style tool for $4.99 does exactly the same job.
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