decap pin for Lee die

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Thanks FROGO207,
I was wondering if maybe they changed the dia of the universal rod and it would no longer fit in the pistol dies, no need to measure.

Nice to know the universal rod might cause issues with some pistol brass.

I asked because I was concerned that there may have been a change made since the last time I ordered.

Not questioning what you said just wanted to make sure I wasn't out to lunch and that the universal pin would still fit in the pistol dies.
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I sure do not understand a lot of what is posted in this thread. Lee decappers are advertised as "Unbreakable", and in my experience, that is totally true IF you properly adjust the collet according to instructions.

If you do break one anyway, they will be replaced either free (if you send it back to them) or for shipping cost only. See this support document:

I know that there are some people who just refuse to adjust them correctly, saying they do not ever want the rod to slip up instead of break - strange attitude in my book, but more power to them - they bought it and can abuse it any way they want.
They are definitely breakable, and with not a lot of force required to do so. The steel used to make the pins is relatively soft. The pin will break before the rod is pushed up in the die if the case is not centered or one accidently puts in a berdan case.
I damaged mine because I had some very stubborn crimped primers in .223 brass. I ended up tightening them down more than normal to deal with this brass. Yes if the nut is not to tight they slip as designed, but I decided to tighten the nut more than I normally do in order to decap some problem brass and was ok until I ran in to off center flash holes. I never said it was Lee's fault and I told Lee it was my FAULT, they replaced the pins anyway.

BTW anything that can be made can be broken given enough effort:)
I've had to replace a few. Mainly for 9mm. Been running into cases with off center flash holes. Puts a slight bend in the decapping pin when it orients to the off center hole. They don't last long after that. Main culprits for me were Amerc, A USA, Perfecta, and sometimes Win and R-P. Toss the first three and visually check all the rest. None have slipped by me in a while.
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