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  • Sig 938

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  • XDm 5.25 in 9mm

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Feb 21, 2012
West Central MN
With the fall beet harvest once again going in my area, I've got my moonlight job driving semi -and I find myself facing a decision on what to do with the income.

Thinking another pistol. And I've got a thing for 2 tones. Either going another carry piece, or a something for bullseye

The short list so far is
Sig 938
XDM 5.25 in 9mm

Although I'll entertain suggestions too.
my collections in a pretty narrow range. somewhere near a dozen different 1911's in various sizes, a couple browning hi powers and a number of k frames and a pair of GP100's

handled an xdm and sorta liked the way it shot. 938's been on my list since I first saw one.

Friend has a sig 226 and I actually dislike the way it feels and shoots. Not that it's a bad gun at all, but not for me.

Seeing as you seem to have quite a few full size guns (1911s, Hi-Powers, S&W and Ruger revolvers), maybe the SIG P938 for concealed carry might be the way to go. In the two-tone models I like the looks of the P938 Blackwood and the P938 SAS.
Of the two suggested I'd definitely go for the 938. For a carry gun I'm a big fan of Walther P99c (two tone)and PPS. Also HK USPc (two tone), P2k, or Beretta 92FS compact. Or maybe a Commander sized 1911 like a Kimber Custom Carry II (two tone).
For a larger gun I'd get a P229/226, 92FS, P99 (two tone) or PPQ ( best striker fired trigger ever and a real sniper's pistol)
Looks like you don't own a rifle. May I ask why not? A CMP Garand would be a great investment and would give huge diversification to your collection.
My brother has a 5.25" XDM in 9mm. It's a fantastic-shooting and well-finished pistol. The ergonomics of the grip are good, the size soaks up recoil, and I happen to shoot it very well. While not my first choice for a defensive pistol (it's a pretty large gun and I don't care for the grip safety), one could do much worse.

As a fun gun, though - it nails it.
What would be best for one person would not be for another. I have been lusting after a 938 for a long time. I just can't justify the price for yet another small 9mm. Of the two that is what I would get. I am at a point where I would like a few more guns but don't need any.
P938. Amazingly little perceived recoil for such a small, light pistol. Long trigger pulls on small pistols with little to hold onto take lots of practice to master. SA P938 trigger is short and sweet. I would go for the SAS if carry is your goal. If pocket carrying, the slim wood grips are recommended, but if holstering, the rubber grips make it easier to hang onto, and the palm swell helps round off the bottom when using the flush-fitting magazine. My pinky naturally curls under the flush mag with those grips, making is just as comfortable and accurate to shoot as with the extended magazine, for me.

You don't own a single-action revolver?

My Blackhawks are my favorite handguns.
I just picked up a 938 SAS for a smoking hot deal recently. It is actually quite controllable for such a small 9mm.


Can you eat sugar beets? I mean, can you like boil them and eat them with butter and salt?


I'm missing something here. Is this a reference to a joke or..... some old saying?
I voted for the XD. I have one, it's a great shooter. To be honest though, I'm not a Sig fan, so seeing that up there made my choice for me.
@anothernewb Is there also a reason you don't want an XD Mod 2? They really have changed a lot on the ergos between the m and mod2. The mod2 also comes in a 5 inch barrel if you're going full size and not compact.
I'd go 938 if it were for my collection. To me the XDs are a little boring...I'm sure they shoot well, feel good, etc. However, it does seem like your collection could use a poly gun with big mags, and for that the XD certainly delivers. I like Glocks, but they are equally boring.

Just get both and give the one you like least to me. I voted XD fwiw.
Glock 17 Gen 3

Glock 17 Gen 3 . Extremely reliably and It has very few parts and can be completely detail-stripped and reassembled with something as simple as a nail.
Love or hate Glocks but the ease of complete disassembly and reassembly is a marvel of engineering compared to almost all others.
Can you eat sugar beets? I mean, can you like boil them and eat them with butter and salt?
One can eat them per se, but they're not like a typical red beet. They don't taste like much raw. They're a crop that gets processed into an entire host of useful products.

If you have used sugar in the US - and the package does not specifically state cane sugar - you've eaten beet sugar. It's the primary sugar crop of this country.
In my area it's big big money. both for the farmers, and the mass numbers of people hired during the very short window between maximum growing season, and freeze up.
@anothernewb Is there also a reason you don't want an XD Mod 2? They really have changed a lot on the ergos between the m and mod2. The mod2 also comes in a 5 inch barrel if you're going full size and not compact.
I am not actually aware of the mod 2. The only Xdm I never paid attention to is the 5.25. The only striker fired pistol I ever fired that I could actually put on paper, lol. I really do a miserable job with the others I've tried - thus the ever continuing 1911 collection.

To be clear to all- this is strictly a fun purchase. Just to fill out things I don't currently have. I have my sig ultra as my daily carry, although pocket carry of the 938 has it's appeals in the summer months. the bazillion round capacity of the Xdm has it's appeal for blasting fun.

About the only thought to either of them is something different for the family and friends to use when we go out to the range. No everyone handles the 1911's equally (or likes them - but who cares about those people, they're just crazy lol), and other than the hipower all I have is the wheel guns. I've handled both, so I know I like both of them. but the different grips on the xdm and the smaller size of the 928 might be fun for the wife to try out too. She's got smallish hands.
Love xd's. Smaller pistol though? My go to is the emp I have, it's in 40 though. By what fits you best.
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