Direct thread or adapter?

Jul 28, 2019
Free America
Is it better to have a direct thread suppressor or one that mates with a FH/MB for a precision rifle?

If direct thread, would it come lose after a while, would that shift poi?

Host would be a Rem 700 in 308
Depends on a lot of stuff.
If it comes loose the point of aim will walk all over the place.
For me I want direct thread because they tend to be lighter, cheaper, shorter.
Most of your brake attach methods have a taper built in to the mating surfaces. This increases the amount of surface area over a direct thread set up which in theory makes the can stay snugged up.

Until you get to an actual locking device, its just something you have to keep an eye on.

That said, very few people in this area are using direct thread cans anymore on their precision rifles.