Do You Compromise?

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I don't carry in those places where prohibited - sporting events, post office, etc. But if I am going to a restaurant (for example) and there is a prohibition against firearms (in Texas a 30.06 sign) - I make a point to go to another restaurant. If they have a non-legal (gunbusters) sign, I don't think twice and carry in there.
I don’t give a hoot about some corporate stores stupid sign. As long as its legal, I’ll completely ignore it and discretely CC.

What I do respect is someone’s home. Their house their rules. I attended a kids birthday party and the homeowner was not a gun person. They didn’t explicitly say no guns but I didn’t ask because I knew they’d be uncomfortable.!I just left it at home and had some pepper spray.
Not to be cliche', This is posted at our back door, in the garage, where friends come in.
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We all compromise some...ya have to. But, I routinely bypass businesses that have their no-guns allowed signs. One of the hardest compromises was not taking my carry pistol on a vacation that took me across that southern tip of Illinois. Really hated that. But, I no longer go to Chicago because of the anti-gun behavior of their politicians.
There was an article in the local paper about the number of carry permits in the state. In was in the tens of thousands. Requirements were getting less strict. How many of these people are really trained well enough to carry a handgun open or concealed[or skillful enough]? You want to guess? Would I feel more secure in place that did or did not allow firearms. Eventually, I suspect, the open and conceal carry is going to cost us all a bunch. Having a handgun means I can pass a background check and have the money.

Addendum: Recently we had an incident in a mall. Some miscreants shot off firecrackers. Some cowboy came to the rescue with his handgun. Seeing the handgun, the crowd stampeded. Who is safe?
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