Do you give you guns pet names?

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No, for the most part.

However, I did name my M1 Garand "Dorothy". Shes not inanimate, shes a piece of living history.

Ships have names partly out of tradition and partly to differentiate them from each other. In western tradition, weapons have not routinely been named; especially when we are talking about guns. Those few weapons that did have names tended to belong to folk heroes like King Arthur or Roland in the age of blades. Guns with names likewise belonged primarily to heroes who became near mythical in the re-tellings of their exploits.
My take? Become a hero and let the singers of your song name your weapons. When you do it, it comes off as doofy; kind of like when you try to give yourself a cool nickname.
Sure my guns have names.....Such as The Savage, The Remington, The Winchester, etc.

Just pulling your leg. I have no problem with anyone naming his gun or anything else he happens to like. But then I'm old, so I don't care enough to let much bother me anyway. ha ha ha

I have owned a few firearms that disappointed me. FTF's mainly. Maybe some other malfunctions.

But I'd hardly say that the names I called them were "pet" names.
Not pet names per se. If my kids and I are talking about our carry guns in front of people who don't want to know about them or don't have any business knowing about them, we use code names. I ask my daughter if she is with her boyfriend or the twins. Depending on her answer I know if she is carrying the Walther (boyfriend) or the twins (S&W MP 40c). My son and I carry CZ 75D PCRs, aka CeaZar and CZuzy. We just drop the names into a conversation to confirm status.
All of our other weapons only go by manufacturers' names except the Mossberg 500 Tactical. Its name is Trump (as is trump card, not the orange haired dude.)
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The bigger question is whether I give my pets gun names, and I've been known to do that on occasion. I had a cat named Ruger once upon a time. :)
Named my truck and I named my two dogs after guns so I guess I am weird sadly Smith and Wesson are no longer with me. New dogs name is Bear so I am getting better.
do you have a nick name for your cordless drill?
I named mine Old Faithful since the battery is always charged for some reason.

I haven't named any of my guns though, not because I don't want to or thinks it's stupid, most of mine don't have any distinguishing qualities to qualify for a name.
When I was a kid I named my first car Old Blue (blue 72 Duster) and my bike 79 KZ400 (Akira)
but to be honest in regards to my firearms the only one that I named was my BFR .45-70 (Gigi)
a small play on GG (god's gun) and the fact that it is much easier to shoot than one may think
but it is still very powerful.
other that my handguns came with names on the box Smith&Wesson and GLOCK. so I figure if I rename them they wont listen.
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my girlfriend calls my Sig 232 "bitty baby" when she wants to know if I have it. also causes me to focus in on what she is looking at. Couple of times I have left it with her in the car while I addressed the situation. Sometimes I wonder why she wont just CCW.
I was accused of having an assault rifle when it was my 22 bolt action so it's the "tactical 22" There is "grandpa's shotgun" and "dad's leveraction, 22, and shotgun". I did jokingly refer to my o/u as my "boomstick".

I do know people that have every gun named and even stitched the names into gun socks. I also know people who will never give names to animals, cause they aren't human.
I don’t really name them, sort of nickname them. It makes describing what firearm I would like to get out much easier. Examples are The Deer Rifle, The Pig Killer, and the only problem with this is anything with a tax stamp is referred to as A Giggle Maker. But it works for me.
I don't...but my wife did name one of my guns.

I have a folder with info about my M1 Garand. She was going through some stuff, handed me the M1 folder and asked...ready?..."who is Mr. Garrard?" and what is all this? :D

So, the M1 is the only gun with a name in my safe...and its not my fault.

no, but i give my pets gun names

edit: and coronach's rifle has by far the best name evar
I give them names.
My Blackhawk is "Cowboy Bob;" my Walther PPS is "Automatic Slim" (from the song, "Wing Dang Doodle"); and the SP101 is "Little Richard."
But I find I don't call them by their names much. I don't think they'd come.
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