Dragunov Range Report 2/7/12

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Nov 4, 2011
Yet another outing, only this time with video!

I'll get the target picture up as soon as I get home. Shot 20 rounds in the video at 100yd. All 20 hit the 18"x18" target sheet. After the video, I moved the target out to 200yd. Hit with 15/20 rounds at that range.

I have one complaint about the rifle: The scope, which was pretty nicely zeroed at 100yd last time I went out, was shooting low. I adjusted it to 200yd when I was actually shooting at 100 and it worked pretty well then. I'm not sure if this is the fault of the scope mount or what.

At any rate, I'm willing to call this minute-of-torso at 200yd. I hope that attaching the video will satisfy whoever it was that called me out last time and implied I wasn't actually shooting 7.62x54r.

Any comments? Feedback?

Edit: I rotated the video on youtube, but the edit is taking awhile to stick. If it doesn't work by tonight, I'll manually rotate and reupload.

Edit 2: And here's the target. After the 20 rounds in the video, I did 20 more at 200yd. First 10 were aimed at the upper right target, second 10 aimed at center. 15/20 accounted for (counting the one in the duct tape).
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at 100yd. All 20 hit the 18"x18" target sheet

I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I can do that with any decent FS handgun from a standing position (modified Weaver).

Is your scope mounted securely? That rifle should be capable of ~2" 100 yard groups......
MachIVshooter: Yeah, I know. I'm not an excellent marksman. My formal training includes USAF BMT with the entire 100 rounds of 5.56 we got to shoot. I don't come from a hunting family, and my only other rifle experience is maybe a couple hundred rounds of .22lr through my Dad's single-round bolt action that I took out a half dozen times. I haven't had a chance to go to an Appleseed camp, and I'm a full-time medical student who takes half-days when he can, so my options are somewhat limited. Any general instruction would be welcome =)

I should also point out that I'm not exactly taking my time with the first 20 rounds. My goal with the video was to hopefully quench the nay-saying I got last time I posted a picture of a target without a video of me shooting it.
Any general instruction would be welcome =)

Start with calm nerves and a resting heart rate; Avoid caffeine and don't try to shoot the instant you sit down after walking back 200 yards from hanging your target. Build up a stabile position, control your breathing, control your trigger squeeze. Practice. Accuracy will follow.
Don't sweat it, commie guns are more for fun anyhow:neener:. Seriously though your first rifle is a dragunov? You better let me trade you for a 10/22 so you can learn proper.:evil: My SVT-40 has been looking for a girlfriend.

Edit: Just watched your video, make sure to clean after shooting that corrosive stuff.
Were those other shots on another range? I certainly hope you didn't walk out onto a live range. In fact, I'm gonna tell myself you didn't lol.
I've always like those rifles!

I think if you'd used front and rear sandbags it would have done better. Not sure if there any issues with the rig or not but that pattern looks like something isn't quite right. Could be ammo, could be that the thin barrel got too hot from shooting quickly.

I played with a PSL-54 for a little bit and it had the same scope. 2"+ at 100yrds with surp ammo and 4-5" at 200yrds. Essentially would have held within the white circles of your target slow fire. If I heated the barrel to fast the shots would walk down the target.
I envy you. A genuine SVD is my dream gun. That said, the Tigr's are known to be a lot less accurate than the military-model SVD's. They have a shorter barrel, and it's probable that they were intentionally de-accurized to prevent military use. I've got a PSL, but I've yet to get it fully sighted in to see what it can really do.
jnoble87: That's my buddie practicing with his .38sp on the pistol range next door. No, I'm not walking out in front of fire. I may be USAF, but I'm not that dumb =P
As far as the accuracy goes, I got better results the last time I went out, but I had more time then and was working a little more slowly at it.

As I said, I think most of the fault lies with me. I need more practice, and as soon as it gets a little warmer out, I intend to get it =)
Where are you located? I'll bet a lot of people on this forum would volunteer to help you with your shooting or rifle, especially if you let them shoot a few rounds.
I'm up in northern Minnesota, not too far from Duluth. Anyone from around there interested in going out to a range at some point?
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