Educate me on this optic.

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Leupold scope and leupold mount for $300?

It was certainly a fair deal, if not weighted in your favor.

Like Outlaw asked, any more details? Reticle description/picture, power range, etc.

At the end of the day, as long as you like shooting it, it was a good deal.

Matt S.
OK, got out the box and here's the info; Mark AR Mod 1. 1.5-4 P5. It's a 2114 bundle from the custom shop, scope and 2 piece mount. And the reticle is a duplex cross with a circle and some drop markings. It was brand new and the guy, a Leupold rep, just took a pen and scratched out $399 and wrote $299 while I was yacking about my AR. I bought it, what else could I do?

I've really only shot this setup once and It was all but dead on right from the get go. I liked that a lot. And, I think it's a big step up from the Nikon P 223 it replaced.

Any ideas on lens covers? Thanks for the input so far.
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