Kieran Klein knives and shop.

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Big boy knife in the works.

I should have asked him but I didnt. I assume camping and chopping chores. He gave me specs and I said sure!
It has been awhile since I posted any pics. Been very busy catching up on back orders!

I don't have a finished picture of it yet cause well I haven't finished lol. But here is a pic of it rough ground. It's the newest I have of it.

Nice work. Wow, Almost hard to believe you've only been at it such a short time... sometimes natural talent just takes over.

The white liners are a nice touch with the black micarta.
Yeah! Looking forward to seeing the progression (and of course the final results)!
Thanks Will doing to best I can!

Derek yours is in there... I forget which one though sorry!
I am watching this thread with great interest, it's amazing how well you're doing for how little time you've been doing it.

Have you considered contouring your handle scales more? What are you using for pins? One of the ones you posted looked like you were using micarta rods.
I think so? Haha I have like 13 roughed like this and forgot to put some in the picture.

Thanks I appreciate your compliments.

I am moving to contour more as I get better. I just didn't want to bite off too much too fast. But your right though and I am moving on working on it more with each knife.

For pin stock I use micarta rod, stainless and copper corby bolts

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I really like your grip shapes. I think with a slight traditional contouring with a palm swell and a slight hourglass narrowing before the guard and just before the pommel would look great with that grip shape.
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